Since many years, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS presents breathtaking video mappings on the facades of the historic buildings in the German capital. The productions, which actively integrate the architecture of the buildings, fascinate visitors and guests from all over the world and add zest to the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. More and more designers and artists give this game of reality and illusion a try.

After the great achievements of the first Berlin FESTIVAL OF LIGHT Awards 2015 the championship enters the next round: 2016 international artists competed for the second time with their creative and innovative video mappings and state-of-the-art techniques.


TV Tower Berlin Projections

For the first time the TV Tower Berlin, highest building of Germany and emblem of Berlin, spectacularly illuminated. A jury nominated the 10 best video mappings about the topic Art & Nature, which were presented every night between 7 pm an 12 am from October 7th to 16th 2016 in a 20 minutes show at the TV Tower Berlin. Furthermore, all visitors of the festival had the opportunity to vote for their favourite mapping and pick this year’s award winner.

Vorschaubild Award

The Winners


1. place: Magic Innovations from Ukraine


2. place: Michele Pusceddu from Italy


3. place: MP-Studio from Bulgaria/Germany


All Finalists

FOL1 – Akasha Visualstation from Slovenia

FOL2 – EPER Creative Studio from Hungary

FOL3 – Kedr from Russia

FOL4 – Kolibri Visual Ltd from Hungary

FOL5 – Magic Innovations from Ukraine

FOL6 – Michele Pusceddu from Italy

FOL7 – MP-Studio from Bulgaria

FOL8 – MultiScalar from Venezuela

FOL9 – Tina Zimmermann from Germany

FOL10 – Vjzaria & Chindogu from the United Arab Emirates

The Jury

Out of 27 submissions our jury chose the Top 10 at 9th September 2016 in the rooms of the Hotel de Rome. The finalists are from 9 different countries: Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

Part of the jury were professionals from various sectors:

Christina Aue
CEO TV Turm Alexanderplatz Gastronomiegesellschaft mbH

Prof. Dr. Suzanne C. Beckmann

Chris Bekker
music producer / Klang ID Berlin

Peter Kienast
General Manager Hotel de Rome

Thomas Klein
Journalist and editor

René Neumann
Key Account Management Deutsche Funkturm Zentrale

Sandra von Ruffin

Carsten Thomsen-Bendixen
Director external global communication and enterprise spokesmen E.ON Germany / E.ON SE (main sponsor FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS)

Tamas Vaspöri
Managing Director Maxin10sity (video mapping specialist)

Birgit Zander

Technical consultancy:Benjamin Brostian



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