“We beam you up” action at the TV tower

Festival visitors in 3D on the TV tower

The Festival of Lights Team had an exceptional idea for this year. A special 3D projection makes it possible to beam a picture of yourself right on the TV tower. But how does it work? At the studio “3D your body” in Seydelstasse 9, near the Spittelmarkt, space and time travellers can be copied by a laser scanner. The visualization-pros are preparing the data of the scan in a way that it fits to the shape of the TV tower. The people will be so to speak teleported on the tower and appear like in a transport room of a spaceship. The result is melting together with the tower and you can see the projection on the fascade at a certain time. The time frame for your projection will be determined by the studio and you will be informed accordingly. The produced pictures will  cause a stir on all social media platforms.

The costs for a scan are: 15 Euro.

The datas can also be used right away for production of a unique 3D figure of yourself.

Scan times: Monday – Saturday between 11 am – 4 pm.

We beam you up: visitors in 3D on the Berlin TV-tower
3DYourBody: Scanstudio of the Festival of Lights
Seydelstrasse 9
10117 Berlin



S.07 Beam me up VisualisierungFoto: Visualisierung


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