BMBF at the Festival of Lights

FabLab Vorschaubild

The Light Lab at the Ministry of  Research

Also in this year many buildings are illuminated after twilight in line with the Festival of Lights in Berlin. Often, moving and colorful pictures illuminate the facades into new light and tell a special story. Projection mapping is the name of the technology. Pictures and movies are projected onto the building’s surface with this kind of illumination. This is not as easy as it may sound. The pictures have to be adapted to the facades with their manifold structures with a computer programme. Every interested visitor can find out how this works at the Federal Ministry for Education and Research during the Festival of Lights. The FabLab Berlin offers under the theme “make your own Festival of Lights” projection mapping courses with the micro controller Raspberry Pi everyday from 3 pm to 5 pm. Additionally two exponates invite you to take part in the entrance floor of the Federal Ministry. The professionals from the FabLab Berlin explain with the help of a model how projection mapping works. Visitors without technical knowledge can try out how the technique works. Furthermore, an interactive sand box from the institute for geoinformatic of the University of Münster is available. With small shovels you can form hills, seas and rivers. And it can even rain. How this works? A special machine measures the surface of the sand and calculates the distance. A video projector project pictures of hills, seas and rivers on to the miniature landscape. That is how the initiative “Make Light” wants to give an understanding to every citizen how the future technology photonic works.

Workshops about Projection Mapping for young adults in the Federal Ministry for Education and Research from 8 to 16 October 2016.


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