BMUB at the Festival of Lights

Sustainable Mobility at the Humboldt-University

At the Humboldt-University you can gaze at a varied production about sustainable mobility:
dancing men of pedestrian traffic lights and bicycles telling you how we will move in the future. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety shows in its campagne “Time for #Mobiltychange” how sustainable mobility can change our cities, health and common environment. Sustainable mobility improves the quality of life for everybody through positive effects for soundproofing, air improvement and efficient land allocation. The Federal Environment Ministry supports every kind of mobility, which make the way from A to B climate friendly and cities more livable. From foot to bicycle, bus to train or even electrically powered car. And it was never easiert than today to combine different transports flexible. We should use this chance!

Discover the possibilities of sustainable mobility. Drive, walk and bike with us! More information:




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