BUND at the Festival of Lights

It’s going wild at the Marstall
BUND lets wetlands grow inside the city

The BUND breaks the walls of stone alongside the Spree at the Marstall in this year’s Festival of Lights and lets wild wetlands grow. The banks of Spree, Havel or Elbe looked very different originally: wild, green and full of life! These intact wetland paradise – they are the most species-rich habitats in Middle Europe – can be found hardly. In fact these rivers were straightened, cropped and paved. For this reason the BUND is active at the Elbe so that animals like sea eagles, black storks and otters can sprad and wetlands grow. “Living wetlands for the Elbe” is the name of the current project, which is supported in line with the Federal Programm for biological diversity. The Elbe shall stream into old wetlands and create wilderness. If the river has more space, it also lessens the risk of high water. More advantages: plants and soils clean the water (for free) and bind climate-wrecking gases. Furthermore, wetlands in harmony with nature and intact rivers give humans opportunities to rest and experience nature with all senses.




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