E.ON intensifies its cultural engagement and supports the Festival of Lights again as sponsor. The international established light art festival takes place from 7 to 6 October and will fascinate again million of people. Light artists transform Berlin’s landmarks and buildings in living art with video techniques.
E.ON is biggest shareholder of Berlin’s gas provider Gasag, and has some locations in Berlin and builds a unit for “Sustainable City Solutions” in Berlin to set impulses for urban energy revolution in Germany. E.ON realigned completely and concentrates today to customers, intelligent energies and renewable energies.


“Our sponsorship of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS reflects our enhanced activities in, and our strong commitment to, Germany’s capital city,” Thomas König, CEO of E.ON Deutschland, emphasized. E.ON is the largest stakeholder in Gasag (Berlin’s gas utility), has several offices in Berlin and aims to forge a long-term energy partnership with the city-state. The company is currently carrying out a fundamental strategic transformation and in the future will focus on renewables, energy networks and customer solutions. “The new E.ON is an excellent fit with Berlin’s energy-policy objectives,” König said. Zander described E.ON as “an ideal partner, whose support for the festival makes an important contribution to the global perception of Berlin as a cultural metropolis.”

“E.ON is an innovative partner, who also includes own ideas. The common goal for E.ON and the festival is to raise the quality of life in Berlin. That is how our city gets the highest potential use of this partnership”, says Birgit Zander, initiator of the Festival of Lights.
“We set us the goal to support Berlin in the implementation of ambitious climate protection goals and position it as international pilot project for the urban energy revolution. If we as sponsor at the Festival of Lights contribute to establish Berlin as international cultural metropolis, than this fits perfectly”, emphasizes Marten Bunnemann, head of business development  of E.ON Germany, which responsible for all activities in Berlin.

That is why E.ON facilitates two exciting projects:



In the Framwork of the 2nd BERLIN FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS AWARD, E.ON is the sponsor of this year’s main attraction at the Festival of Lights at the Berlin TV Tower. In line with the action “We love Berlin” everybody can be part of the light art project.
Out of all the applications from all over the world, the ten best video artists were chosen. E.ON and the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS will showcase the best artworks from the competition as 3D projections on the Berlin TV Tower. “This special competition has attracted a lot of buzz,” said Birgit Zander, Managing Director Festival of Lights, the entity that organizes the event. “We’ve received many exciting proposals from around the world. Visitors and our global audience have something very special to look forward to.” For further information, please click here.

Interactive Heatmap: Where are the most popular photo scenes of the festival?


Heatmap Screenshot

For the second time, this year visitors can track popular illuminations on their smart phone in real time. Festival images uploaded to Instagram with the hash tag #lightsbyEON are displayed as dots on a heatmap developed by E.ON. The map, which is available at www.eon-fol.com, guides visitors to the most-photographed illuminations.


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