Event Overview 2017

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Please find the most important event-dates in the following overview:

30.09. – 07.10.2017 Pre-event:
The German State Opera is celebrating together with FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS

The German State Opera is celebrating their 275th anniversary and you will even have the opportunity to admire the first 3D video mappings in advance of the official beginning of the Festival OF LIGHTS.
September 30th: the spectacle will be opened by an open air concert in front of the opera with Daniel Barenboim as conductor of the Staatskapelle Berlin and the choir of the German State Opera. The premiere of “Faust” will be broadcasted live on the 03rd of October, directly on the Bebelplatz beside the opera.
Also, on 04th October as on 6th October, the concert of the Staatskapelle Berlin can be seen on the large screen as well as the renewed presentation of “Faust” on 6th October. Furthermore, on 07th October, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra will be conducted by Zubin Metha and can be admired as well on the live screen.
Location: Staatsoper
Unter den Linden 7 / 10117 Berlin

Official start of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS:


06.10.2017  | 9 pm | Grand opening ceremony of the Special Award “Democracy” at Bellevue Palace

Federal President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier himself, will open the mapping show for the Special Award “Democracy” on Bellevue Palace.
Please find more information about the award and how to vote for your favourite artist.


06.10.2017  | 21 Uhr | Große Eröffnung des Sonderawards “Demokratie” am Schloss Bellevue

Um 21 Uhr eröffnet unser Bundespräsident Herr Frank-Walter Steinmeier den Sonderaward “Demokratie” am Schloss Bellevue persönlich.
Mehr über den Award und wie Sie voten können erfahren Sie hier.

06.  15.10.2017 Experience of Europe in the “Europäisches Haus”

Experience of Europe is an exhibition with numerous multimedia stations, in which visitors will have the opportunity to receive information about the European Union interactively.
The first 360-degree cinema in Berlin – which has been implemented there – also features two thematically suitable films.
The opening hours are daily between 10 am and 10 pm and from Friday to Sunday until 12 pm. The entry is free.
Location: Europäisches Parlament
Unter den Linden 78 / 10117 Berlin

06. – 15.10.2017 Festival of Lights goes local: Gallery “Kunstwerkberlin”

Footprints – an exhibition with the aim to provoke
Ecological destruction will be tangible as art for the visitors of the Kunstwerkberlin gallery through fourteen with gel and artificial fish filled mats on the floor and a blood smeared tub. In Mátyás Varga’s – artist & curator of the gallery – interpretation of the creation the sky will also be trampled.
Location: showroom Kunstwerkberlin
Kirchstraße 1 / 10557 Berlin

06. – 15.10.2017 Photo Workshops

Every evening during the Festival, experts will offer workshops and tours around the topic “night photography”. The courses are aimed to all photographers and photograph enthusiasts, from beginners to experts, and are including many types of cameras, from professional cameras up to smartphones.
For more information please see: fhmedien.de and enterstudio.de

06.-07.10.2017 Festival of Lights goes local:  Spreebogen Berlin

On the first weekend of the festival, the Spreebogen will be transformed into a light scenerie: A 3D video mapping will decorate the courtyard, an audio-lighting event as well as a light market with atmospheric organ grinders and a variety of delicacies are inviting to an artful evening.
Location: Spreebogen / 10559 Berlin

6.-8.10. and 13.-15.10.2017 “Test & Try” Nikon 

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Nikon our visitors will have the possibility to test Nikon products free of charge. You can also test the new Nikon D850!
We will offer interesting “photo-walks” under the motto “portrait photography” and “autofocus and speed” with professional Nikon coaches who share their experience and answer to all your questions.
Location: Am Lustgarten 1
10178 Berlin

6.10.2017, 18:30 pm Opening ceremony Festival of Lights in the “Märkisches Viertel”

Opening ceremony Festival of Lights in the “Märkisches Viertel”
Location: Stadtplatz at the Wilhelmsruher Damm, opposite Märkisches Zentrum

6.10. & 9.10. – 14.10., each evening from 7 pm until appr. 9 pm
Märkisches Viertel: active “Glas-Slide-Painting” for large façade projection in the “VIERTEL BOX”

Visitors of the Festival of Lights in the “Märkisches Viertel” can become an artist themselves: glass slides can be painted live in the VIERTEL BOX at the Wilhelmsruher Damm and will be projected shortly afterwards onto the adjacent high-rise building.
Location: QUARTER BOX at the Wilhelmsruher Damm, opposite Märkisches Zentrum

07.10.2017 RBB

Everyone, who ever wanted to know how it looks like behind the scenes on television, is welcome to visit the RBB during the “Night of open doors” at this evening.
Cameras, stages and much more can be examined carefully by all interested visitors.
Location: RBB
Masurenalle 8-14 / 14057 Berlin

07.10.2017 Night of open doors
at Berlins watch manufacture: Askania

For one evening, one of the best-known watch manufacturer in Berlin will open its doors for all interested visitors. But that`s not all: the video projection in the courtyard tells a captivating story relating to the theme: “Time of your Life”.
Location:  Askania Uhrenmanufaktur
Rosenthaler Str. 40 -41 / 10178 Berlin

7.10.2017, 5 pm to 8 pm Light afternoon in the Märkisches Viertel

Lampions, lanterns and other light objects will be crafted in the VIERTEL BOX and subsequently – appr. 7 pm – tested directly in a lantern parade.
Location: VIERTEL BOX at Wilhelmsruher Damm, opposite Märkisches Zentrum

9.10.2017, 7 pm Märkisches Viertel: Let’s Dance – After-Work Party

Cold and warm Drinks, enjoyed to rhythms. Dances will be introduces and can be tested directly afterwards.
Detailed Information: www.mein-märkisches-viertel.de/festival-of-lights

9.10.2017, 9 pm The Voice of Germany

We are really glad to welcome once again the new singing talents of the current edition of “The Voice of Germany”.
At Altes Stadthaus, they will accompany the Festival of Lights projections with their miraculous voices and a warmly welcome to the fans.

10.10.2017, 7 pm Shining „Boules-Tournament“ in the Märkischen Viertel

The boules-track  at the center will be the venue of an evening tournament, which will be competed with shining boules-balls. Beginners as well as well-advanced players are likewise welcome.
Location: Stadtplatz, Märkisches Viertel

11.10.2017 Festival of lights goes local: Mendelstraße, Pankow

For one night, the Mendelstrasse will get a new shimmering robe, entirely in the Festival of Lights style, and will enlighten the Pankower Kiez (district).
Location: Mendelstraße / 13187 Berlin

12.10.2017, 7 pm Märkisches Viertel: An evening around sustainability within the VIERTEL BOX

Various activities and a wide range of Information
Location: VIERTEL BOX, Märkisches Viertel

13.10.2017, 7 pm Jazz in the Ministergärten

In the Ministergärten you can enjoy a melodious concert with the illuminations of the state representatives.
Location: Minitstergärten
10117 Berlin

13.10.2017, 7 pm Museum Lichtenberg

from 7:00 – 12:00 pm, the Museum Lichtenberg will be wrapped by shining art. The designer of the Festival of Lights will present various projections and are transforming  the museum into a shining star in Lichtenberg at this night.
Location: Museum Lichtenberg
Türschmidtstraße 24 / 10317 Berlin

13.10.2017, 7 pm Bus tour throughout the Märkische Viertel

Starting point: GESOBAU headquarter / Wilhelmsruher Damm 142. Tickets will be raffled in advance
on the GESOBAU Facebook page.

14.10.2017, 6 – 11.30 pm Night of the open studios – ZDF-capital-studios

„Night of the open studios“ in the headquarter of the ZDF-capital-studios.
The studio will open its doors. The famous weather-moderator Benjamin Stöwe and his Moma-moderation colleagues are welcoming the visitors in the „ZDF-Morgenmagazin“-scenery, are telling stories about their daily work, will answer questions and sign autographs.
Information around the entire ZDF-capital-studio will be available in the atrium and, of course, the famous and popular „ZDF-Mainzelmänchen“ will be again at your disposal this year for any photo request.

14.10.2017, 6 – 10 pm Bus tour throughout the Märkische Viertel

The studio will open its doors. The famous weather-moderator Benjamin Stöwe and his Moma-moderation colleagues are welcoming the visitors in the „ZDF-Morgenmagazin“-scenery, are telling stories about their daily work, will answer questions and sign autographs.
Information around the entire ZDF-capital-studio will be available in the atrium and, of course, the famous and popular „ZDF-Mainzelmänchen“ will be again at your disposal this year for any photo request.

14.10.2017 Rausch „Chocolatehouse“ at the Gendarmenmarkt

Who ever wants to enjoy finest, selected chocolate late in the evening, will be exactly at the best location there. The Rausch chocolatehouse is well known for his exquisite choice of chocolates from all over the world and homemade pralines. Please let yourself be seduced on an evening stop at the Gendarmenmarkt.
Duration: Open until 10 pm
Location: Schokoladenhaus Rausch
Charlottenstraße 60 / 10117 Berlin

14.10.2017, 7 pm Märkisches Viertel: „clear the ring“!

an artistic evening on the Stadtplatz with many motley surprises

15.10.2017, 7 pm Open Air concert from Anthony Thet / Thet À Thet

Enjoy for a last time the colorful illuminations on and around the Stadtplatz, accompanied by the wonderful sounds of the musically father and son duet.
Location: Stadtplatz, Märkisches Viertel

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