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Be right in the middle of things instead of just watching them happen!

Vorschaubild FOL 2016 By Maxin10sity

Find the most important dates from our Events in this overview:


07. – 16.10.2016 Märkisches Viertel

Every night between 7 and 10 pm you have the possibility to depaint slides of glass and project them right after. Preserve this unique action with a selfie in front of your art.


07. – 16.10.2016 Open Night with the ZDF Hauptstadtstudio

6 pm to 12 am you get the chance to have a look behind the cameras. More on our Open Night page.


08.10.2016 Berliner Union Film premises

Artistic projections at the facade as well as an extensive program. More information in the article about the Open Night 2016.


08.10.2016 panoramic view over the Märkisches Viertel

Opening of a studio flat with a breathtaking view. Adress: Senftenberger Ring 24.


08.10.2016 Open Night with the RBB Fernsehzentrum

9 to 11:30 pm the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg will guide you backstage. More under Open Night 2016.


08.10.2016  Open Night in the studios of Berliner Union-Film GmbH

Saturday all visitors can walk through the television studio of the awarded TV show “Circus Halli-Galli”. Discover the backstage rooms and let explain how a TV show gets produced and maybe you can also meet a star. All information here.


08. 10.2016 smart electric symphony

DJ Chris Bekker and smart electrify with a musical Tesla coil installation. Look forward to this unique show at the premises of Berliner Union-Film GmbH in line with the Open Night.


08.10.2016 Open Night with LIQUIDROM

Forget the fever of the city and relax in an urban spa in the middle of Berlin. The Liquidrom opens its doors for the Open Night.


08. – 16.10.2016 Ingress at the Festival of Lights

The beloved mobile game Ingress comes 2016 to the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS and presents specialized missions. These will guide you through the illuminated Berlin and lets you discover the city. The show starts 8 October 2016 11 am with a mission day and will end 16 October 2016. Together or alone, by foot or by bike; this is how you discover the city.


08. – 16.10.2016 The Lightlab in the Ministry of Education: Workshops about video mapping

The FabLab Berlin offers workshops about projection mapping under the theme “make your own FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS” daily between 3 and 5 pm. For the workshops they use the micro controller Raspberry Pi. Additionally, two amazing exhibits in the entrance floor of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research invite you to take part.


10. – 16.10.2016 Photo-Workshops

Experts offer every evening workshops and tours about night photography. The courses are open for everybody from beginners to experts and cover every camera, even smartphones. More information under and or at our Photo-Workshops page.


13.10.2016 The Voice of Germany

The talents of the current season of The Voice of Germany present their hits on the street. With their voices they frame the light art around them and start their tour through Germany in Berlin. They will presumably be seen in the Märksiches Viertel 7.30 pm and in front of the Berlin Stadthaus 9.30 pm.
Subject to modifications.


14.10.2016 Rathaus Lichtberg

Between 7 pm and 12 am you can gaze the facade of the Rathaus Lichtenberg with its artistic projection.


15.10.2016 Umspannwerk Kreuzberg

Between 7 pm an 12 am you can gaze the facade of the Umspannwerk Kreuzberg with its artistic projection.


16.10.2016 Open Air Konzert von Anthony Thet / Thet À Thet

7 pm starts the open air concert from Anthony Thet at the Stadtplatz in the Märkische Viertel.

07. – 16.10.2016 The Guards of Time

The Guards of Time can be found this year 9 times in different locations during the Festival of Lights.
07.10. near the Berlin TV Tower
08.10. at the Berliner Union-Film premises
09.10. in the Nikolaiviertel
10.10. in the Märkisches Viertel
11.10. in front of the Berlin Stadthaus
12.10. on the Bebelplatz
13.10. in front of the German Patent and Trademark Office
14.10. in front of the Rathaus Lichtenberg
15.10. in front of the Umspannwerk Kreuzberg
16.10. 7 to 9 pm Neue Kantstraße / corner Messedamm with view to the Berlin Funkturm
16.10. from 10 pm at the  Neptunbrunnen in front of the Berlin TV Tower

08. – 15.10.2016 Klavierzauber: The Light-Piano

The magical illuminated piano from Sven Wildöer accompanies the surrounding with its gentle sound and atmospheric light. The piano can be seen and heard 08.10. and 09.10. in the Nikolaivertel and 13.10., 14.10. and 15.10. between 7 and 10 pm in the Märkisches Viertel.

2013_WildooerSven_05 ThePianistVenlo


ZEITFELD photographs you with 16 cameras and portrays the visitors of the festival in 3D sculptures and light. The visitors are components of the performance and you can take your interactive photo with you at the smartphone. Times and positions will be published short-term.



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