Fahrenhaidt feat. Chris Bekker

Three musicians joined and present the official Festival of Lights 2016 Song “Lights will guide me”.

Every Festival of Lights had its own song. In the last years some famous producers and singers from Berlin dedicated their song the festival. It started with the singer Ayman and “Turn the Lights on”. Afterwards Adel Tawil contributed “Zuhause”. Last year Paul van Dyk presented his club-hit “Lights”. This year the number of producers is definitely higher than the last years. Three famous music producers from Berlin worked together on the festival song. The festival initator Birgit Zander brought them together. It was her wish to make the festival song a festival hymn. Erik Macholl and Andreas John are the heads of the New-Age pop music group Fahrenhaidt. They created the skeletal structure of the song with “Lights will guide me”. The famous DJ and producer Chris Bekker completed the trio. His remix of the Fahrenhaidt song makes the groove. Chris Bekker knows how to produce modern club music. As resident-DJ he his connected with the KitkatClub and GMF in Berlin and knows current trends. Maybe that is why he is also on stage in many international clubs with his capital sound. Recently his newest project appeard at Vandit Records. Together with Paul van Dyk, Chris Montana and more DJs and producers he produced his album “BERLINITION”, electronic music in Berlin for dancing. An atmospheric movie with Berlin pictures makes his album complete. The donwload link for the song from Chris Bekker and Fahrenhaidt for the Festival of Lights can be found at our home page, Itunes, Apple Music or Spotify.

klein Festival_Song_Vandit_Records





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