Illuminations 2016

The 12th Berlin FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS took place from 7th till 16th October 2016.

We thank all participants, artists and supporters.

An overview of all illuminations can be found as map in our  Map of Illuminations 2016  as well as in our programme booklet.


Premieres & Highlights of the Festival  of Lights 2016:

The TV Tower



The second Berlin FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Award: 10 international artists from 9 different countries compete the second time with their creative and innovative video mappings and state-of-the-art techniques.

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We love Berlin

This year, everybody had the chance to become part of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2016. We asked to send in the best pictures of and about Berlin. A selection of all pictures was shown on the TV Tower in our “We love Berlin” collage.
All information here.

A new Dress for the “Stadthaus” by Guido Maria Kretschmer

There was a world premiere on the “Berliner Stadthaus” in this year’s festival. The building was covered in colorful motives designed by the Berlin fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer. The works of the designer are individual and stylistically confident. Kretschmer enriched this year’s festival and gave the Stadthaus a magnificant look.

“I am really lucky and it´s a great pleasure for me to present a building like the “Berliner Stadthaus” right next to our wonderful “Rotes Rathaus” in my design” says the star designer.

Hotel de Rome

The “Marketplace of Cultures” presented art and culture from different countries with elaborate 3D video mappings. This brought all visitors emotionally and extraordinary closer to the presented country.

Kick-off of the show was the video mapping about Berlin itself. The cultural metropolis as outshine – club culture, European history, world politics, multicultural and tolerance, free development, eternal constructions, innovation…
With this mapping as central element of the Festival 2016 Berlin was presented as international and cosmopolitan city.

The „Marketplace of Cultures“ showed the diversity of cultures in Berlin in a very special way with a video mapping on the facade of the Hotel de Rome, Bebelplatz.

German Patent and Trademark Office


At the beginning there was light… 110 years ago the company OSRAM registered the companys name at the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin. In this year’s festival we are going to celebrate an eventful history filled with technological bright spots.

There was a video mapping on the German Patent and Trademark Office which shows the development of light from analog to digital. Furthermore the number 110 was part of the Lightart.

The Märkisches Viertel




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New Landmarks in the Nikolai Quarter

In line with the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2016 Berlin’s origin shone in a new brilliance.
Find an overview of all installations in the Nikolai Quarter here.



FOL2016-PK-6060 FOL2016-PK-6087 FOL2016-PK-6092 FOL2016-PK-6106

The international award winning video artist Ross Ashton and his partner Karen Monid enlighted Berlin’s oldest church with an impressive video mapping. Title of the work is “SPIRITUS – Light and Darkness“.


BUND lets a wild alluvial forest grow in the middle of the city

During this year’s festival the walls of the Marstall alongside the Spree grew into a wild alluvial forest. The banks of Spree, Havel or Elbe were originally very different: wild, green and full of live! “Living wetlands for the Elbe” is the name of the current project, which is promoted by the federal program for biological diversity. The Elbe shall stream into a alluvial forest and create wilderness.

Faculty of Law, Humboldt-University Berlin


Motiv: Daniel Margraf

Motto – Connecting Cultures

“The potpourri as symbol for the melting pot of many cultures and ways of life.” A peaceful cooperation in a tight space.

Humboldt-University Berlin


DRIVE. Volkswagen Group lightning mobility

FOL2016-Funkturm-7770 FOL2016-Funkturm-7713

It was a premiere for Volkswagen to be part of the Festival of Lights. There was a 20 minutes videoshow under the headline “mobility”. „We are happy to be a part in one of the most fascinating and biggest Lightart Festivals of the world”, says Cornelia Schneider, head of DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum. „The Festival creates wonderful pictures full of magic and it is fulfilled with artistic and technical creativity, which we as a company want to support and share.”

Potsdamer Platz: “My Light is your Light”

when people are forced to leave their cities
they do not only leave their homes, belongings, schools, favourite toys, friends, and neighbours behind…
they actually leave their skin and organs and memories.
they transform into outlines of a radiating light.
they walk whispering one thing
my light is your light…

installation by Alaa Minawi

Already displayed in:
Amsterdam – Beirut – Istanbul – London – Berlin


U.S. Embassy


Berlin and Los Angeles have been sister cities since 27 June 1967. In 2017  will be the 50th anniversary of the partnership. During this year’s festival we already wanted to point that out. The U.S. Embassy and the Festival Team developed a lightprojection to demonstrate their connectivity.

The Washington Post named the American artist Ryan Weston Shook, also known as Saber, one of the best and most respected artists in his field, graffiti art. He became famous with 21 when he presented the worldwide biggest graffiti in L.A. After that he helped to raise awareness to recognize graffiti as art and influenced thereby many artists and graphic designers. He still creates his art in L.A., where he lives with his wife and two children, and exhibits his work in galleries and private collections all over the world. With his art for the U.S. Embassy in Berlin he has his finger on the pulse.

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore


Town House Lichtenberg

The town house Lichtenberg was part of an artistic projection 14 October. And is also part of the action “Kiez in Light“.

Berliner Union-Film premises


Foto by: Offene Blende

On 8 October there were not only illuminations at the Berliner Union-Film premises but also a special program
for this year’s FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS highlight during the Open Night.

Umspannwerk Kreuzberg

On 15 October the Umspannwerk Kreuzberg was illuminated for the action “Kiez in Light” to inspire all visitors.

More illuminations:


Berlin Cathedral (Berlin Leuchtet e.V.)

Berlin radio tower

Brandenburger Gate (Berlin Leuchtet e.V.)

Also illuminated in Berlin:


The Gendarmenmarkt (Berlin Leuchtet e.V.)


The Siegessäule (Berlin Leuchtet e.V.)


Galeria Kaufhof at the Alexanderplatz

as well as more buildings in the City West


The complete overview of all illuminations during the Berlin Light Weeks can be found here.



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