The LightSeeing Tours were presented by AOK Nordost

Festival of Lights Partner AOK - Die Gesundheitskasse

Every year, our LightSeeing partners offer various LightSeeing tours to the visitors and guests of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS so that they can explore and enjoy the beautifully radiating capital in many different ways. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We are loking forward to your feedback and questions:

Remark: We would like to point out that our LightSeeing partners independently organize and conduct the tours. Please book your LightSeeing tour directly through our partners using their indicated telephone numbers or their online contact details. Thank you.

LightLiner (Bus)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightLiner

With the LightLiner from our LightSeeing partner BEX SightSeeing guests were able to enjoy Berlin in extraordinary light on a very special city tour. They exprienced the wonderful highlights of the 10th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS during an impressive one hour and 45 minutes bus ride including a guide and – depending on the possibilities – one or two photo stops!

LightSeeing XL (Bus & Ship)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightSeeing XL

The combination tour from our LightSeeing partners TOP Tour Bus and Reederei Riedel allowed the visitors to see the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS from the streets and the water perspective. During the bus ride, a light guide explained the illuminations. There were also several stops to photograpically capture the impressions and to see the sights up close. Afterwards, the ship offered a very different perspective on some sights of the illuminated Berlin. The price included a snack and a drink.

LightPhoto-Safari (Bus tour with Photo Stopps)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightFoto-Safari

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS did not only present themselves to tourists in an entire new light, but also to the Berliners aboard the bus from our LightSeeing partner TOP Tour Bus. During the 4-hour journey, the LightGuide explained facts worth knowing about the famous places and buildings. At several points photo stops were taken – including at the world famous monument Brandenburg Gate. Included in the price was a snack and a drink.

Barrier-free LightVan-Bus (Bus)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights Barrier-free LightVan-Bus

Our LightSeeing partner Inclusio-Reisen offered people with and without handicap the opportunity to closely experience the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS.

LightartShip (Ship)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightartShip

You experienced the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS from a water perspective with the LightartShip from our LightSeeing partner Stern und Kreisschiffahrt. Starting point was at Jannowitzbrücke. Guests passed the Oberbaum Bridge, O2 World, the government district, the Berlin Cathedral Church, Friedrichstrasse and Mühlendammschleuse as well as many other interesting places. Available on board was a knowledgeable guide (in German and English) and thus, you gained a unique insight into the city and its history.

PartyShip (Ship)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights PartyShip

Our LightSeeing partner Stern und Kreisschiffahrt guaranteed an unforgettable evening cruise on the River Spree with music by top DJ’s during the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. Guests enjoyed the sight of some of the impressive illuminated buildings along the Spree. Dining and drinks with music and dance provided entertainment on board in a particularly festive scenery!

LightShip (Schip)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightartShip

Visitors enjoyed the radiating sights of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS from a water perspective on a two-hour boat tour with the LightShip from our LightSeeing partner Reederei Riedel. The ship itself was illuminated imaginatively and its very own spotlights illuminated the banks and bridges in magical lights.

LightSeeing Combi-Tour (Bus & Ship)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightartShip

Once again, visitors enjoyed the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS during a combi-tour with the LightShip and a bus from our LightSeeing Partner Reederei Riedel. The boats and busses departed daily from the station “Hansabrücke” (Altonaer Straße Corner Levetzowstraße). The switch was at the station “o2 World”: the guests from the bus got on the ship and the passengers from the ship hopped on the bus. Both rode along the other one’s route (including a photo stop).


LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightHanomagTouren

Who did not want to experience the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS on foot or by public transport, joined the LightSpecialTour with live guide from our LightSeeing partner Springer-Touristik & Partner. The trip began with a tour in the unique Hanomag AL 28, changed over into the Carribean bus and ended with a rolling party; including a welcome drink, free drink, Currywurst, Berlin Pocket Planner and photo stopps. Special tours for children were also offered.


LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightValetDrive

You experienced the fascination of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS and looked at Berlin from the back seat of a limousine or a high-qualitaty business van / bus on board of our LightSeeing partner Valet Drive. The chauffeur provided through local knowledge glowing tips and anecdotes that made the guests smile. You enjoyed the magic of light with a glass of sparkling wine (of course, included in the tour). In addition, our LightSeeing partner captured the moment for you with a souvenir photo.

LightCarriage (Carriage)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightKutsche

Visitors experienced the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS on a romantic carriage ride with the LightCarriage from our LightSeeing partner Berlin Vermittlung und Kutschfahrten. You enjoyed an unforgettable route along the most beautiful illuminations and highlights including one or two short photo stops and listened to the anecdotes and explanations by the coachman. Something very special: one of the LightCarriages was completely enveloped in light!

LightKremser (Kremser)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightKremser

Visitors enjoyed a simply unforgettable light tour through the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS with the LightKremser provided by our LightSeeing partner Berlin Vermittlung und Kutschfahrten. The Kremser accommodated up to 22 people. Comfortable seating and a table rounded up the cozy atmosphere. The tour operator gladly served sparkling wine or the “Kremserschnapps”.

LightTrabiSafari (Trabi or US Car)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightSightRunning

With our LightSeeing partner TrabiWorld, guests celebrated 10 years FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS – 25 years Fall of the Berlin Wall – 50 years Trabant 601. Guests selected their car out of 100 Trabants and 12 US-Cars. You could sit behind the wheel of the most popular GDR vehicle or in your American dream. The guides told you all about Berlin and the anniversaries. Afterwards, you visited the new Trabi-Museum Berlin.

LightSchoolBus (Amerikanische Schulbus)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights Light-School-Bus

You experienced Berlin at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS in breathtaking lights and in a unique vehicle. Our LightSeeing partner Event- & Partybus Berlin took you on a unique ride in a former American school bus. Each guest received a free drink of their choice. A photo stop at the most beautiful places was not missed.

LightSightRunning (easy running)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightSightRunning

Visitors experienced the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2014 in a sporting atmosphere with our LightSeeing parnter Mike’s SightRunning. The tour let you to the illuminated buildings and sights including the Reichstag, River Spree, Berlin Cathedral Church, Unter den Linden, Potsdamer Platz and many more highlights at an easy running pace. Pulse watches and competition spirits were left at home. LightSightRunning was solely seen as an event for fun combined with a sportive note.

LightWalking (guided Walking tour)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightWalking

Guests enjoyed the historical Berlin Mitte and the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS with our real Berliner and LightSeeing partner Katrin Pollok (Stadtführung Berlinsehenswert). This was a unique LightSeeing tour through the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS which looked at the sights, streets and places and special illuminations.

LightBikeTaxi (Bike Taxi)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightBikeTaxi

You experienced the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS as a special guest in the bright light bike taxis from our LightSeein partner BikeTaxi. The LightBikeTaxis radiated from within and were a highlight in itself. But our partner Biketaxi also offered other beautiful standard vehicles for trips along the illuminated squares and streets. The ride was comfortable and individually. Cosy blankets ensured that you enjoyed the ride even at low temperatures.

LightBalloon (Ascent with WELT Balloon)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightBalloon

As unique as Berlin itself is the Berlin Hi-Flyer from our LightSeeing partner Air Service Berlin. In the heart of Berlin the “WELT-Balloon” is one of the biggest helium balloons in the world. It has become a trademark of the capital a long time ago – Berliners as well as tourists have grown very fond of it. Guests enjoyed the breath-taking view from 150 meters above the metropolis of Berlin. An unforgettable experience! During the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS the Balloon was also shining bright in the sky over Berlin!

Light-eTuk (elektrisches TukTuk)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights Light-eTuk

You discovered the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS on a tour with the world’s first 100% electric TukTuk from our LightSeeing partner etuktuk! After a short briefing guests drove themselves in a brightly colored eTuk convoy through the glittering capital! Quiet and environmentally friendly, they went to the illuminated buildings. You followed the tour guide in the Light-eTuk and the city tour was transmitted by radio to the other vehicles. Brief stops were done at any time. (Class B driver’s license required)


LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightSegway

Our LightSeeing partner Segway Citytour Berlin showed you all major sights in Berlin: Government District, Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz, Gendarmenmarkt, Museum Island and much more. Riding a segway was easily learned. All participants received an extensive training. Besides the standard tour during daytime, guests could book a personal guided FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS tour at night: Alone or as a couple you explored the illuminated buildings with your guide.

LightDog-Tour (Dog-Tour)

LightSeeing Festival of Lights LightHunde-Tour

Our LightSeeing Partner Berlinmithund walked right through this year’s 10th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. On a stroll through the Tiergarten, the dogs were entertained and the guests enjoyed the view on some selected highlights of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS: i.e. Central Station, Victory Column, Potsdamer Platz and Brandenburg Gate.


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