OpenCity, 11 Oct. 2014

Festival of Lights 2014 Open City

Also this year, the visitors of the 10th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS had the opportunity to explore and experience exciting locations, places, institutions and buildings outside their normal opening times during an exceptional night. Fun activities and tours provided interesting insights and an exciting night in the illuminated capital.

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We would like to point out that our partners organized their offers during OpenCity autonomously as part of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2014. Please book your tour directly with them under the given phone numbers or their online contact details.

ARD Capital Studio

Festival of Lights OpenCity ARD Capital Studio

The visit of the ARD Capital Studio on the fourth floor included insight into the production processes of news reporting and presented the architecture of the house during OpenCity.

BeachBerlin – Salsa at Light Beach

Festival of Lights OpenCity BeachBerlin LightBeach

In the anniversary year of the festival, BeachBerlin enchanted the visitors with the LightBeach BeachMitte and a variety of events. The center of the LightBeach was BeachBar Mitte – the legendary former pavilion of the Federal Press Beach – and invited you to a relaxed campfire or to changing activities. During Open City, BeachBerlin offered a salsa course as the BeachBar and afterwards a salsa party at the pavillion

Berlin Cathedral Church – Dome, Museum and Vault

Festival of Lights OpenCity Berlin Cathedral Church

With its striking shape, the Berlin Cathedral Church is one of the crowd pullers of the German capital. The neo-baroque building was inaugurated in 1905. In World War II heavily damaged, this house of God has been restored except for the blasted Church Monument. At Open City, visitors were allowed to enter the Hohenzollern Tomb in the basement of the Cathedral. It is home to almost one hundred coffins which are made out of stone, tin or wood, decorated with reliefs, sculptures and plastic décor, and gilded, painted or covered with velvet. Due to the variety of materials and shapes the Hohenzollern Tomb belongs to the most significant grave sites in Europe along with the Imperial Crip in Vienna and the Basilique Saint Denis in Paris. Furthermore, the museum invited you to a visit during this special evening. You could have come along if you wanted to learn more about the 500 years of architectural history of the Cathedral and its predecessors. The grand finale of the evening was a spectacular 360-degree view on the historic center of Berlin and its numerous monuments and landmarks from out of the Dome (50 meters high).

Berlin Story Bunker – Air raid shelter and Chamber of Horrors

Festival of Lights OpenCity Berlin Story Bunker

During Open City at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, visitors could experience the Berlin Story Bunker in the dark! The air raid shelter from the Second World War offered protection for up to 12,000 people on five floors. After that, it was a part of the senate reserves and later opened for tourists. Armed only with a flashlight the guide took you through the bunker and museum. Guests explored the seventy year history of the bunker during the war, during the time as a senate reserve and the transformation into a tourist attraction. Afterwards, all the brave took a stroll through the Chamber of Horrors.

Bethanien – Projection “Urban Jungle” by “Browsing Beauty”

Festival of Lights Open City Browsing Beauty

For the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS and OpenCity, “Browsing Beauty (Andrea Sunder-Plassmann und Sigi Torinus) had chosen the theme urban jungle. Bethanien is one of the landmarks of Kreuzberg. Kreuzberg is a melting pot of different cultures and lifestyles living peacefully side by side. Architectural elements of the building façade were filled by precise lighting with “natural life” and thereby, the façade became a part of the staging. Images from the uncontaminated nature were combined and presented in a way that a sensory experience and boundless dreams were allowed for the visitors. The projection was an ever-changing multi-media installation that investigated the discourse on beauty and its cultural and individual-related interpretations. “Browsing Beauty” has already been shown in the United States, Australia, Canada, Russia, Germany, Norway and Cuba. Find photos here.

Black Light Miniature Golf

Festival of Lights OpenCity Black Light Miniature Golf

The black light mini golf course from Freizeit Sport Aktiv in the heart of the city offered a pleasure all its own during OpenCity: In four different rooms your imagination was tested in the black light while it was time for miniature golf. Fun for the younger and older players. A journey through the black light paradise took about 1.5 hours depending on group size. Then the exhausted players could relax and refresh in the cafe. Here they could also enjoy watching the bustle of the Görlitz Park and plunged again into another world.

First Berlin GDR Motorcycle Museum – Travelling through history

Festival of Lights OpenCity First Berlin GDR Motorcycle Museum

At the First Berlin GDR Motorcycle Museum – located at S-Bahn arches opposite the Berlin-Carré nearby Alexanderplatz – you embarked on a journey through the history of the East German motorcycle production. At OpenCity, you saw all series models manufactured from 40 years of GDR history: MZ, Simson, IWL and EMW as well as many cycles, sport bikes and official motorcycles for authorties, but also individual items and special models. These made up for 140 bikes on about 800 square meters on two floors.

Humboldt-Box – Visit and Viewing Platform

Festival of Lights OpenCity Humboldt-Box

Amazing views of the new Berlin Palace offered the Humboldt-Box to its visitors during OpenCity. If you looked behind the facade, you were allowed to marvel at unexpected dimensions of a project of the century. Old and new castle stories fascinated as well as topics of modern construction logistics or examples of master works from the castle-building workshop. Since ist opening, the Humboldt-Box has become one of the most visited attractions in Berlin. A castle is being built! The importance of this unique project was acquired by its size, the monument-political complexity and the innovative content of cultural work. Visitors learned how the future castle will be designed in the interactive exhibition rooms at Humboldt-Box.

“Luxor” – Lights of Berlin

Festival of Lights OpenCity Rodan Design

A shimmering play of light in the design shop of Daniel Rodan made his exclusive leather collection shine in a new light. Installation artist Maren Strack had staged a world of moving and plated mirror chips objects in his shop windows on the occasion of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS and the OpenCity. Strack luminous installation “Luxor” surrounded with incessant movement Rodan’s designs.

MountMitte – Night Climbing incl. Skyfall

Festival of Lights OpenCity MountMitte

The climbing park MountMitte from our partner BeachBerlin invited visitors and guests during OpenCity again to a spectacular night climbing session. You could face the challenge and tackle 92 illuminated obstacles, including the well-liked “Skyfall” – the free fall from 13 meters into the sea of ​​lights! If that was not enough for you and your nerves, you could have swung through the air at the “Skywing” from above 8 meters and enjoy the stunning view of the Berlin hinterland walls.

Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Haus – Projection by “Heike Franziska Bartsch”

Festival of Lights OpenCity Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Haus

The artist Heike Franziska Bartsch grew up in the tension of the tropical colors of Papua New Guinea and the tristesse of the Berlin Wall. The movement and development, which has been noticeable and visible for her as a Berliner since the reunification, still influences the artist’s work until today. Her projection pieces are composed of two photos and the scenic staging by dancers and/or actors. The photo content – for example graffiti images or a colouring – connect the scene with the building, its history and functionality. Lively collages are created. During the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS and for OpenCity Heike Franziska Bartsch presented the installation “Urban Movement”. Find photos here.

rbb tv studios – explorer tour with light show

Festival of Lights OpenCity rbb tv studios

Every half hour between 7 and 11 pm, the rbb tv studios invited you on a nightly discovery tour through the tv studio during OpenCity: you saw dimly lit control rooms, illuminated TV studios and gloomy decoration depots. The visitors took an exclusive look into rbb’s news studio and learned everything about the journalistic genesis of the famous “Abendschau” as well as about technical subtleties like the blue screen and the teleprompter. They enjoyed a fascinating insight into how TV really works and watched an impressive lighting demonstration in one of Germany’s latest tv studios.

“Revive” – Interaktive Licht und Toninstallation

Festival of Lights OpenCity BTK

The interactice light and sound installation “Revive” was created in the former banking hall of the health insurance AOK in the Rungestraße 3-7. The building was provided to the students of BTK Hochschule für Gestaltung for their project by Ziegert-Immobilien. The project included a video mapping on the architecture of the gutted hall and of a central light sculpture which could be influenced by the visitors.

Sand-Painting-Show at French Dome

Festival of Lights OpenCity French Dome

Interplay of music, light and ever changing images of sand at the French Dome during OpenCity: The sand-performance is one of the rarest types of art. To master it is very difficult. Therefore, there are few real masters of this genre in the world. Since recently, one of the greatest masters in this art lives and works here in Berlin: Susanna Sand. Together with her husband, Vladimir (guitar virtuoso and composer), they created a worldwide unique show: a sand performance with self-composed instrumental accompaniment. The audience went on a magical journey into a meditative dream world.

ZDF Capital Studio – without light no TV

Festival of Lights OpenCity ZDF Capital Studio

A special offer awaited the guests of Open City. The visitors learned a lot from experts about the relationship between light and television. Under the slogan “without light, no television” they visited the Studio 1, accessible through the inner courtyard, in which programs like “Berlin direkt”, “Morgenmagazin”, “Frontal21″, “Log In”, “Maybrit Illner” and “Aspekte” are produced. In the middle of the “aspekte” decorations from the previous evening, studio cameras, large screen monitors and blue screens were shown in action. ZDF workers explained their work. Of course, visitors could also take home the popular ZDF souvenirs and be photographed with the “Mainzelmännchen”.


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