CEWE Photo Contest 2016

CEWE_rgb_standard_claimAgain in 2016, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS awarded the most impressive festival photos. Professional photographers, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Team and CEWE chose the best motifs. Special attention was paid to the quality of the picture (focal point, exposure, composition etc.) and the perspective. Additionally, following criteria had to comply:

1. at least 1,240 x 768 pixel
2. no collages, per file one picture
3. no frames, graphical elements or obvious picture manipulation
4. no text in the picture

The winner receives 1.000 Euros, the second placed 500 Euros and the third placed 300 Euros. Furthermore, they will get a voucher for a CEWE PHOTOBOOK in the amount of 50 Euros. The ten next placed receive a 30 Euro worth voucher for a photo book.

Find all information and participants form at the CEWE competition page.


These are the winners from 2016:

The 1st prize of 1.000 EUR goes to Fabian Pfitzinger:


The 2nd prize of 500 EUR goes to Heike Buchholz:




The 3rd prize of 300 EUR goes to Kerstin Röhner:



These are 10 best photos after the first three places:


Peter Bartos


Markus Hennecke


A. P. Zahner


Alexander Meier


Sabine Knorr


Gerhardt Damberger


Michael Kommrowski


Melanie K. Ludwig


Andreas Siebert


Falko Felgentreff


FOL_2016_CWB (002)

FOL_2016_CFB (002)





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