smart at the Festival of Lights

smart electric symphony.

DJ Chris Bekker electrifies with musical Tesla coil installations

At the premises of Berliner Union-Film Gmbh smart presents a highlight of this year’s Festival of Lights: Power makes music with the smart electric symphony – and besides the new electrically powered cars are presented. The fascinating idea: heavy current from giant high voltage coils are conducted to smarts. The arising lightnings form a spectacular choreography and also individual sounds. DJ Chris Bekker uses them and composes a new music piece and defines “electronic music” together with the cars completely new. Chris Bekker is one of the most prominent names in Berlin’s DJ scene. Since 2010 the artist presents with Paul van Dyk’s Label Vandit Recors the German capital at gigs in the biggeest clubs of the world and electrifies the dancefloors. But not only during the performances you can expect power: Between the four free shows you can join studio tours through the Berliner Union-Film studios and also through the “Circus HalliGalli” from Pro7 studio. Visitors of the Festival of Lights should definitely visit the smart electric symphony 8 October 2016.

smart Teslaspulen© Yves Komposch




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