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Akte One

Akte One

Akte One is a Graffiti artist from Berlin.

Festival Locations: Berlin TV tower, Bode-Museum „House of Art“ and Hotel de Rome with a tailor made Festival of Lights art work

The art of Akte One will be presented more than once during the Festival. His style is based on shapes, deepness, individuality and a big range of colors. His goal is to take the viewer in his world and to make him dream in the same time.

In its visual language, Akte One draws parallels to typography and further develops it according to his ideas. He is not satisfied with normality and what has already been achieved. The urge to break out and to find new ways and expressive possibilities, led Akte One from the “wall” to canvas and in the festival even on the highest building in Berlin.

Website: akteone.de

Facebook: facebook.com/akteone

Instagram: instagram.com/akte_one