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The “Festival of Lights” is transforming the Berlin’s major Hot-Spots into a gigantic Open-Air Stage

Eye-catching projections, magical 3D video shows, and stunning light installations tell intriguing stories: This is what the “Festival of Lights” is so famous for. When Berlin’s most important landmarks, buildings, monuments, and squares become part of the extraordinary lighting productions from 11 to 20 October 2019, obviously the other central junctions of the city must not be missing: The Berlin Train Stations

As the most important traffic junctions in Berlin, the train stations play a significant symbolic role. National and international artists transform concrete and steel into spectacular installations and thus turn night into day. The numerous shops in the Shopping Stations Berlin Hauptbahnhof and Berlin Ostbahnhof invite you to shop and snack during the entire “Festival of Lights” and guarantee an absolute feel-good package for visitors from Berlin, Germany, and the world.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Central station), Photocredit: Christian Bedeschinski (left & middle), Pedro Becerra (right)

Multifaceted light stagings at the most popular stations of Berlin

The theme this year “Lights of Freedom” on the occasion of the big event “30 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall” transformed the City of Freedom into a gigantic stage and was also adopted by Berlin’s most important traffic stations in an imposing way. Project productions at the border station Friedrichstraße told stories of the longing for freedom, farewells, and reunions. Visitors found themselves at the old border station in the form of light projections.

At the Central Station and Hackescher Mark, a variety of Pop Art motifs symbolize the freedom of art by presenting the special architecture of the facades and their many facets.

At Alexanderplatz, a whole new and young generation of artists in the center of the city is creating an interpretation of freedom with Neon Tape Art, whose effects are enhanced impressively by the existing station lighting.

The theme is also taken up in the Zoological Garden: Luminous characters tell their very own story of freedom here through stop motion and music, constantly moving from one continent to another. The complex installation, invented in cooperation with the French artist collective Groupe LAPS, is ensured to be an eye-catcher of an extraordinary kind on an over 200-meter-long staging area – the facade of the station building.

At Ostbahnhof a collage of historical images on the facade of the Intercity Hotel revives the past.

At Savignyplatz one can look forward to the “Floraison” installation project: Luminescent flowers float gently and free-flowing in the sky, transforming the passage into a dancing sea of flowers with a breath of wind. The French creative group Pitaya, whose light art has already enriched many parts of the world (from Eindhoven to Tokyo) wants to enthuse the German visitors with their idea.

Top: Zoologischer Garten station, Bottom: Alexanderplatz station (left), Savignyplatz station (right)
Photocredit: Florian Ullbrich

In addition to this comprehensive program, spectacular light installations can also be admired for one evening each at other locations in the Berlin S-Bahn system.

For ten days, “Festival of Lights” and Berlin’s train stations will provide entertainment, a feel-good atmosphere, and culture while connecting people and creating exciting encounters. These Themes are also deeply ingrained in the brand “Mein Einkaufsbahnhof”.

Hackescher Markt station, Photocredit: Frank Herrmann

Enjoy culture, comfort, and shopping – Information about MEIN EINKAUFSBAHNHOF

At 50 German railway stations, the brand “MEIN EINKAUFSBAHNHOF” invites over 3,000 attractive shops 365 days a year to stroll, shop, feast, see and be seen. With its wide range of shops, the station is not only a travel center but also an attractive all-round supplier and practical shopping opportunity before and after the trip – following their motto “My shopping station – always there for me”.

But as the successful cooperation with the “Festival of Lights” already shows, the stations also offer a wide range of cultures. The concept of the modern station has changed fundamentally over the years. Shopping stations are increasingly developing into places where visitors feel comfortable and experience relaxing moments in their hectic day. Unique exhibitions and all kinds of diverse events provide a rich program of experiences and a stimulating ambiance throughout the year. In the shopping station, each of Germany’s 20 million visitors a day experiences an extraordinary mixture of shopping and enjoyment.

The shopping stations Berlin Hauptbahnhof and Berlin Ostbahnhof also play a significant role.

Ostabahnhof Intercity Hotel, Photocredit: Florian Ullbrich

Berlin Hauptbahnhof and Berlin Ostbahnhof – Two Showcase Shopping Stations

Berlin’s Central Station offers a unique shopping experience 365 days a year, which not only makes waiting for the next train pleasant but almost invites you to linger. The approx. 300,000 travelers and visitors have access to a diverse mix of branches every day on a retail floor space of around 60,000 m², offering something to suit every taste. The latest fashion and shoe trends, presents and souvenirs, interesting books and magazines or spoiling beauty and drugstore articles can be found in the roughly 80 shops in Berlin’s shopping station, along with many other products. The extensive range of gastronomy also leaves nothing to be desired.

The approx. 72,000 travelers and visitors to the Ostbahnhof Berlin daily can also look forward to a wide range of products and services of all kinds in the approx. 50 shops on around 10,000 m² of retail space. As local retailers, the REWE and Penny grocery stores offer a shopping opportunity 7 days a week. At the same time, the integrated InterCityHotel in the railway station offers an ideal place to spend the night, as a starting point for cultural trips and city tours in and around Berlin.

Südkreuz station, Photocredit: Florian Ullbrich