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Museum in Light – A unique canvas of the most popular photographs

Today Berlin is the scene of cultural freedom and diversity more than ever. The over 175 museums in the city are preserving art and cultural treasures of several millennia. The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has made it its mission to immerse the cultural jewels in a special light in large light productions. For example, the facade of the famous Bode-Museum


On the side of the Bode-Museum, the House of Arts emerged again on the occasion of the anniversary.

Pictures by prominent artists such as Udo Lindenberg and Otto Waalkes encountered urban artists such as Akte One and Cren and transformed the museum into a special canvas. The mirror effect of the Spree makes it one of the most desired photographic motifs.


Here are all the motifs

Udo Lindenberg

What many may not know yet: The well-known musician Udo Lindenberg is also a grandiose painter. He has been painting since 1995. Udo Lindenberg’s prints are not only an absolute cult among his fans, they have also become much desired by art collectors. From small “Udogrammen” he creates his painting style – the very special “Lindenbergschen Picturejoke”. He creates unique Specimens.

The artists Joseph Beuys and Markus Lüpertz praised his extraordinary painting style. The technique of the “Likörell” developed by him was even patented.

We are very proud to have presented his work “Hey Honey. No panic” in this special year of the fall of the Berlin Wall in the “House of Art” on the Bode-Museum!

More art by Udo Lindenberg

Otto Waalkes

The Festival of Lights was pleased to present the painting “One Morning in Berlin” in the “House of Art” at the Bodemuseum. There is a special print of this fantastic picture.

The Brandenburg Gate was once one of Berlin’s many city gates and is considered a symbol of German unity. In Otto’s work, the quadriga that pulls the carriage of Victoria, the goddess of victory, is replaced by peace-loving ottifants. Otto’s pacifist wing cap floats above it. The message is clear: A little peace on earth and a lot of enjoyment for the people.

So far, however, only one person has been there to observe the work: Otto Waalkes.

The high-quality, hand-signed pigment print on canvas as a limited edition of 199 pieces can be acquired by purchase.

Otto’s work is available here!

Akte One & Cren – famous Urban Artists from Berlin

Akte One (Mark Marquardt born 1978 in Berlin/East) and Cren (Michel Pietsch born 1970 in Hannover) have been working together for more than 3 years in their studio in Berlin on their own and joint works.

The colouring of blue and orange tones crystallizes as typical in their joint works. In their work “1989” for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Akte and Cren chose the Berlin map as the main motif, filled with various levels and motifs such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin coat of arms, the federal eagle or hammer and compass. In the foreground the two sisters, who after years of East-West separation can lie in each other’s arms again.