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Brandenburg Gate: 3D Video Mapping

“Berlin – Connecting Cultures” 3D Videomapping (Duration: 7 minutes)

MP-Studio Brandenburger Tor

In a seven minutes video show, which was produced especially for the Brandenburg Gate, many cultures come to visit the German capital. The symbol of reunification becomes a radio for performances from Brazil to Mexico and from Africa to Australia.

Imaginative video shows from around the globe give an insight into other cultures and inspire to great photo opportunities.

Artist: MP Studio

“Language of Love”

he production “Language of Love” will light up the Brandenburg Gate. In countless languages, the word “love” can be read on the Berlin landmark.

The building is the perfect location for this projection because it stands for the peaceful unity and successful combination of different cultures. The Brandenburg Gate with the projections featured on it, perfectly reflects this year’s motto “Connecting Cultures”.

Artists: Birgit Zander & Daniel Bandke

Last but not least

There will also be amazing still projections with motifs from around the world. They will be colorful and fit to the rest of the shows at Brandenburger Tor. Don’t miss!

Artist: Susan Gurnee

Important: From 10 pm on the volume of the video mappings are reduced because of residents.