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At Gendarmenmarkt, the facade of the Konzerthaus traced the development of music and payed homage to Sony Music’s greatest artists. From classical music to international pop to hip hop, all artists are groundbreaking, visionary and shape the current zeitgeist. Then and now. It’s a rapturous journey through time, from the gramophone to the record player to the long-loved music cassette inserted into a Sony Walkman.

Sony Music Entertainment is part of the global Sony Corporation. Its mission is to support and promote artists on their creative path. The company has a long history and has always been a pioneer in music history from the first music label to the invention of the vinyl record. Many of the most famous artists* were built here and some of the most influential records of all time were produced. Today, Sony Music Entertainment operates in more than 60 countries and supports an extensive roster of international superstars, new and independent artists, and creative visionaries. From a position at the intersection of music, entertainment and technology, the professionals put imagination and expertise into the latest products and platforms, embracing new business models, deploying groundbreaking tools and delivering impactful insights that help artists push the boundaries of their work and reach new audiences. Sony Music Entertainment is committed to artistic integrity, transparency and entrepreneurship. To learn more about artists, creators and labels, visit the company’s website at