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Visu TV Cren_richtiges Motiv

Cren is a Graffiti artist from Berlin.

Festival Location: Berlin TV tower

On the train ride to France, Cren first encountered hip-hop culture in the early ’80s when he discovered graffiti along the railway. Fascinated by the experience, he soon began to design his own handwriting – initially with pen on paper. In 1989, Cren started to spray with the can. Since then he has painted walls in over 14 countries and on three continents with his lettering. The impressions that he gathered on his travels and the exchange with numerous artists he met around the world, he has incorporated in a 25-year process in the development of his personal calligraphic compositions on a variety of media. Fonts are his great passion. It is the source and until today the basis of his artistic work. He sees writing as the central pillar of communication and as an essential everyday information carrier. In everyday life, however, it is mostly perceived superficially and purely functionally.