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Daniel Bandke & Birgit Zander

Festival of Lights der City Stiftung Berlin.

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FŸr Berliner Medien ist der Abdruck zur journalistischen Berichterstattung Ÿber das Festival of Lights oder die City Stiftung Berlin honorarfrei. 
jede andere Form der Nutung ist Honorarpflichtig und underliegt der Genemigung des Fotografen!

Daniel Bandke is a light artist and part of the Festival of Lights Art Collective.

Festival Location: Brandenburg Gate “Language of Love”

Daniel is an international multimedia artist specialized in high-quality concepts and content, as well as its technical implementation. He has many years of experience in the design, implementation and programming of professional control systems and has already managed various projects in Germany, Austria and Dubai. Daniel and his team already presented 3 wonderful video mappings last year.

“Language of Love” is a breathtaking projection created in collaboration with Festival of Lights director Birgit Zander. The word “love” is translated in the projection in almost all languages. The intention behind this is to create a symbol of the importance of love and cohesion. The artwork tours throughout the world and can be presented in the form of a video projection or as a still image. The project has already thrilled visitors in Berlin on the Berlin Cathedral, in Napa (USA) on the first Presbyterian Church, in Bucharest during the Spotlight Festival and in Israel on the Damascus Gate.