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Daniel Margraf

Daniel Margraf is a light artist living in Berlin.

For the Festival of Lights Daniel and his team have created many amazing motifs. These year his work can be seen on the Bode-Museum, the Bebelplatz, the portal of the Berlin Cathedral and the Loeser & Wolff House.

Founded by Daniel Margraf the Studio Spreefunkeln is creating complex and creative light installations. As an interdisciplinary artist Daniel Margraf is feeling home in the digital and analogue light art. In his art works technique and feeling are connected. With a sense of touch he is creating an atmosphere. His interactive Pixel light objects show light in dynamic change. Doing classic projections on facades Daniel Margraf is fascinated by the quiet analogue light which he is bringing tailor made on each building. With expressive stills he is building an antipole to the fast-moving time and hectic flood of pictures of video content. Since many years Daniel and Friederike Margraf are part of the artist team of Festival of Lights and are also at international projects on board.