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There was a lot to see on the Berlin television tower in 2019. In addition to the World Championship of Projection Mapping and the interactive campaign “Faces for Freedom”, several still image projections were presented: A few motifs were created by the artist Susan Gurnee, another visualized the popular blog Notes of Berlin and the Illuseum Berlin contributed a hypnotic projection.

Susan Gurnee is an illustrator and trompe-l’oeil artist from the USA.

Susan has experimented in the field of resonance art. She has already created many works in this field for private and public collections in Europe and the USA. Susan is part of the National Arts Club. Susan was also active in the Festival of Lights in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018. Her art was projected onto the Berlin Cathedral and the Brandenburg Gate. This year Susan Gurnee presents a motif on the television tower, of which the Festival of Lights team is very proud.


Notes of Berlin is a tribute to all the notes Berlin leaves behind in the cityscape every day. Many people know the Notes of Berlin from social media. A veritable community has formed that photographs and publishes news from people for people in public space throughout Berlin. Joab Nist offers the platform for this with his blog Notes of Berlin.




This year, in addition to its own interactive project, the Illuseum Berlin also had a motif on the television tower that played with the viewer’s senses.

A visit to the Illuseum is not only worthwhile during the Festival of Lights. If you are planning your visit to Berlin and are looking for daytime activities, especially on cold and wet days, we can only recommend a trip to the Illuseum.

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