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About our Art Collective


We create our own light installations and present curated, extraordinary light art for years. Video projections that tell stories and touch hearts but also colorful installations and sculptures are part of our portfolio.

The Festival of Lights Art Collective caters the special and incomparable.

Some of our favorite in-house-productions and projects are featured below. Our portfolio is growing steadily and we are also very happy to implement projects on commission.

Language of Love

Damaskustor Daniel Margraf

“Language of Love” is a building projection with a special message. The intention is to create a symbol for the great importance of love and the connection of human beings and cultures. The artwork will be presented on a worldwide tour in form of a special video projection but can also be projected as a still. Significant buildings and churches in many international Light Festival cities will transport this heartwarming message.

“Language of Love” already warmed hearts on the Berlin Cathedral, Berlin, in Napa (USA) on the First Presbyterien Church, in Bucharest during the Spotlight Festival and in Israel on the Damascus Gate.

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Static Projections

Festival of Lights - Juristische Fakultät

The Festival of Light Art Collective is a specialist for creating and visualizing images with meaningful messages and high radiance on historical Buildings and squares. We tell the stories of the buildings through collages, pictures or 3D video mappings using specialised technical solutions. Some of our work has been recognised with prizes.

The pictures, with deep meanings and stories, appear on foots all over the world and can be used as marketing and communication tools. Dressing buildings in new colourful costumes temporarily.

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Penguin Army

2017_Märkisches Viertel_Pinguine mit Sonnenbrillen_001_NF

These little penguins by Jörn Hanitzsch come in different colours and give every venue a very special glow. The ensemble is a light show with music and storytelling.

What makes this installation special is its flexibility: two characters can tell a story created for the special occasion, recorded with professional actors.

Complemented by chill out music or a live DJ an event is created that is loved by young and old, entertaining but also conveying messages. Especially children are fascinated by the animal installation.

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Are you interested in our art projects? We are happy to share more information with you.

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We are looking forward to collaborating with you!