For the first time we present light art projections in Kuwait, in the unique and beautiful Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre! As part of the ASCC´s first anniversary, the Festival of Lights will take place for the first time.

We present e.g. a spectacular 3D Video mapping Show on the imposing facades of the buildings, which allows the visitors to explore the history and stories of the Cultural Centre in a special way. The projection mappings will be realized by MP Studio, in cooperation with the Festival of Lights International Productions, Berlin.

During the Festival, artists will show interactive acts and conduct exciting lectures, workshops and live performances.

Festival period: 21th February – 2nd March 2019


More informations on: www.ascckw.com

The 3D video projection mapping invites visitors on a journey through the creation of the Earth, based on the worlds that can be found in the museums of the ASCC. From the emergence of ecosystems and living beings, through prehistoric times to mankind and the development of his culture, the mapping also shows technological advances in science to artificial intelligence. The mapping was created and produced by the award-winning mapping-team MP-Studio from the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

Please see the entire 3D video mapping show here:

The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre is one of the largest cultural buildings in the world and includes 22 galleries, a Natural History Museum, Science and Technology Museum, Arts Center and Theater, as well as Arabic Islamic Science and Space Technology museums.
The facade of this important center will be illuminated by the Festival of Lights for 9 nights to mark its first anniversary.

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Kuwait Festival of Lights