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Open Nights 2017

Exciting places in a new light

“Open Night” offers visitors the possibility to discover exciting places, institutions and buildings out of the usual opening hours. All participating institutions open their doors on 7th October 2017 between 7 pm and 12 am (unless otherwise specified). Every host presents an individual light program.



On the first weekend of the festival, the Spreebogen will be transformed into a light scenerie: A 3D video mapping will decorate the courtyard, an audio-lighting event as well as a light market with atmospheric organ grinders and a variety of delicacies are inviting to an artful evening.
Location: Spreebogen / 10559 Berlin




For one evening, one of the best-known watch manufacturer in Berlin will open its doors for all interested visitors. But that`s not all: the video projection in the courtyard tells a captivating story relating to the theme: “Time of your Life”.
Location:  Askania Uhrenmanufaktur
Rosenthaler Str. 40 -41 / 10178 Berlin



Experience Berlins history and miniature like you never did before: little big stories of over 700 years of city history will be told with stunning 3D models and captivating special effects. Miniature replications of “Haus Vaterland” in the golden twenties, “Marienkirche” and “Gedächtniskirche” will be projected within the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS.
Location: At the TV-Tower
Opening hours: 10 am to 10 pm, last entrance at 9pm

Little Big City



Footprints – an exhibition with the aim to provoke
Ecological destruction will be tangible as art for the visitors of the Kunstwerkberlin gallery through fourteen with gel and artificial fish filled mats on the floor and a blood smeared tub. In Mátyás Varga’s – artist & curator of the gallery – interpretation of the creation the sky will also be trampled.
Location: showroom Kunstwerkberlin
Kirchstraße 1 / 10557 Berlin



Everyone, who ever wanted to know how it looks like behind the scenes on television, is welcome to visit the RBB during the “Night of open doors” at this evening.
Cameras, stages and much more can be examined carefully by all interested visitors.
Location: RBB
Masurenalle 8-14 / 14057 Berlin

RBB Gebäude