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Märkisches Viertel, Spreebogen, Lichtenberg, Nikolaiviertel and more

We are glad to announce that our successful format „Festival of Lights goes local“ (launched in 2016) will shape the Berlin districts, buildings and also locations outside the centre in a sea of colors this year again. The goal is not only to illuminate the obvious and famous sights but to show also interesting nooks and crannies of Berlin. We would like to give our visitors the opportunity to discover some hidden gems in Berlin districts within the framework of „Festival of Lights goes local“. Illuminations, installations, mappings and interactive activities, for example: visitors can create their own design for a projection, which will become a wonderful memory! “Festival of Lights goes local” will be also enriched by “Guardians of time”.

This year the visitors will have the possibility to discover the western and eastern part of Berlin. Märkisches Viertel invites to several interactive activities from the 6th – 15th of October 2017, the Spreebogen will be illuminated in the period from the 6th – 7th October 2017 and the town hall Lichtenberg will be illuminated with an artistic projection on the 14th of  October. The Nikolaichurch will be staged with an artful mapping to the topic “Marketplace of Culture” during the whole festival.



The motto “Creating Tomorrow” on the Postbrücke in Märkisches Viertel will be visible from a far distance already. For the second time the district in the north of berlin participates in Festival of Lights. With its 50.000 inhabitants from 110 nations attracted the Märkisches Viertel many visitors from several Berlin regions and from abroad who experienced the spectacular projections and interactive activities last year. It is definitely to be recommended to re-visit the north of Berlin for this year’s installations.

One illumination will stage the motto colorful and artful on the town square. A special eye-catcher will be the larger than life white “Guardians of time” of the artist Manfred Kielnhofer. They symbolize the connection between past and future.

The statues will look already impressive for good photos during the day. After dark they seem to be almost mystically integrated in the imaginative projection. Those who would like to become an artist themselves, will have the opportunity to design something on their own and paint it on glass slides. The created pictures will be directly projected on the tower block next to the town square. The audience had the possibility last year during the festival to be photographed. The captured pictures were used to create a collage especially for the Festival of Lights. The collage can now be admired on the Gesobau-Building at Wilhelmsruher Damm. A further attraction will be more than hundred bright shining penguins around the Viertelbox for visitors and photographers as well.

An overview of all dates at the Märkisches Viertel:


6.10.2017, 18:30 pm
Opening celebration Festival Of Lights – Märkisches Viertel
Location: Stadtplatz at Wilhelmsruher Damm, opposite Märkisches Zentrum

6.10. & 9.10. – 14.10., each evening from 7 pm until appr. 9 pm
Active “Glas-Slide-Painting” in the “VIERTEL BOX”
For large façade projection in the “VIERTEL BOX” visitors of the Festival of Lights in the “Märkisches Viertel” can become an artist themselves: glass slides can be painted live in the VIERTEL BOX at the Wilhelmsruher Damm and will be projected shortly afterwards onto the adjacent high-rise building.
Location: QUARTER BOX at the Wilhelmsruher Damm, opposite Märkisches Zentrum

7.10.2017, 5 pm to 8 pm
“Light afternoon” in the VIERTEL BOX
Lampions, lanterns and other light objects will be crafted in the VIERTEL BOX and subsequently – appr. 7 pm – tested directly in a lantern parade.
Location: VIERTEL BOX at Wilhelmsruher Damm, opposite Märkisches Zentrum

9.10.2017, 7 pm
Let’s Dance: After-Work Party
Cold and warm drinks, enjoyed to hot rhythms. Dances will be introduced and can be tested personally directly afterwards.
Detailed information: www.mein-märkisches-viertel.de/festival-of-lights

10.10.2017, 7 pm
Shining „Boules-Tournament“
The boules-track on the „Stadtplatz“ will be the venue of an evening tournament, which will be competed with shining boules-balls. Beginners as well as well-advanced players are likewise welcome.

11.10., 7 pm – 10 pm
For one night, the Mendelstrasse will get a new shimmering robe, entirely in the Festival of Lights style, and will enlighten the Pankower Kiez (district). Berlin Pankow

12.10.2017, 7 pm – pm
An evening around sustainability within the VIERTEL BOX
Various activities and a wide range of information.

13.10.2017, 7 pm – 10 pm
Bus tour throughout Märkisches Viertel.
Starting point: GESOBAU headquarter / Wilhelmsruher Damm 142. Tickets will be raffled in advance on the GESOBAU Facebook page.

14.10.2017, 7 pm – 10 pm
„Clear the ring“! An artistic evening on the Stadtplatz with many motley surprises.

15.10.2017, 7 pm 10 pm
Open Air concert from Anthony Thet / Thet À Thet
Enjoy for a last time the colorful illuminations on and around the Stadtplatz, accompanied by the wonderful sounds of the musically father and son duet.
You will find further information at: www.mein-märkisches-viertel.de/festival-of-lights

The participation is free of charge.


The Spreebogen in Berlin Moabit became a new member of our “Festival of Lights goes local family” for two evenings during the festival. A great video-mapping in the inner courtyard of the Spreebogen will remind of the extraordinary deeds and the people of “The Street of Memories”. The viewers will face Georg Elser, a resistance fighter against the NS-Regime, Käthe Kollwitz, an impressing graphic artist and sculptress, Konrad Zuse, entrepreneur and inventor of the computer and seven other heroes. In addition to the video –mapping the busts of the 10 heroines and heroes are telling true stories and anecdotes about their life in an audio – and light installation. A market of light with culinary delicacies, organ grinders and “Bimmel-Bolle” reminds of the past of the area „Bolle Meierei“.


From 7:00 – 12:00 pm, the Museum Lichtenberg will be wrapped by shining art. The designer of the Festival of Lights will transform the museum with a variety of projections at this night into a shining star in Lichtenberg.
Museum Lichtenberg
Türrschmidtstraße 24
10317 Berlin


Footprints – an exhibition with the aim to provoke
Ecological destruction will be tangible as art for the visitors of the Kunstwerkberlin gallery through fourteen with gel and artificial fish filled mats on the floor and a blood smeared tub. In Mátyás Varga’s – artist & curator of the gallery – interpretation of the creation the sky will also be trampled.
Location: showroom Kunstwerkberlin
Kirchstraße 1 / 10557 Berlin