Main sponsor since 2015

The international well established light-art-event takes place every year in the beginning of October and surely is entertaining an audience of millions.

Thereby light artists are transforming Berlin attractions with multidimensional video technique into lively artworks.

By support of E.ON, the Berlin cathedral at the “Lustgarten” will be one of the main attractions of the Festival. We are very happy to have E.ON on board as a main sponsor for the third time in a row.

Create and execute ideas together

E.ON is an innovative partner, bringing in own ideas into the Festival. In common we are focused especially on our aim, to increase the attractiveness of the capital for Berlin citizens as well as for visitors.

Our cooperation has been indeed a real stroke of luck, because E.ON is not only involved by financing but also actively working on the further development of the Festival.

“In this way, the people in Berlin will receive the maximum benefit by this cooperation” said Birgit Zander, Festival of Lights organizer, at the introduction of the program in Berlin.

What E.ON is thinking regarding the partnership

“We are proud to support the Festival of Lights, an outstanding lighthouse of the cultural life in Berlin. It is artistically sophisticated, but simultaneously colourful, surprising and full of emotional highlights and conjures a smile on the faces of millions of visitors in Berlin and from all over the world”, said Carsten Thomsen-Bendixen, press spokesman of the E.ON group.

Even this year`s theme of the light-art contest on the Berlin cathedral “Creating tomorrow” fits perfectly to E.ON. “The projections venture a glimpse in our life of tomorrow. This is exactly what we are doing, working already in these days with a view on ideas in order to improve the life of the people” quoted Thomsen-Bendixen.


E.ON completes the Festival program by an own photo competition with the hashtag #lightsbyeon on the social network Instagram, which rewards the best Festival pictures with attractive prizes.

Moreover the company is using the large coverage of his own social media channels in order to distribute videos and images of the Festival even more around the world.

Only on facebook, E.ON has approximately half a million fans.

Über E.ON

E.ON is the biggest shareholder of Berlin`s gas supplier “Gasag” and is maintaining a number of locations in Berlin. A new company unit in Berlin Friedrichstraße is developing concepts in order to support cities at their implementation of ambitious climate protection targets. The focus is on new ideas for energy solutions in districts.

Also in that respect, E.ON considers the German capital as lighthouse: “what is working in Berlin, will be of interest for many other cities in Germany and Europe, too” said Thomsen-Bendixen. Since 2016, E.ON is solely concentrating on offers for clients, intelligent energy networks and renewable energies.

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