Bucharest – 100 years unity of Romania

Romania celebrated 100 years since the Great Unification in 1918. Therefore we created some projections at various historical building in Bucharest. Important personalities and events which are connected to the romanian history were included in the artworks.

The Romanian Athenaeum, the university library, the CEC palace and the palace of justice were illumintaed for three nights around the National Day (1st December) at the beautiful Calea Victoriei.


In April we will transform the historical center of Bucharest in an open air light art exhibition. Our creative director and producer Birgit Zander is also the creative head of this year’s Spotlight Festival edition. We and ARCUB, the cultural institution of Bucharest, will present over 25 projections and installations

according to the motto “united we shine” on the occasion of celebrating 100 years since the great union of Romania. We are looking forward to open Spotlight Festival together with ARCUB on the 12th April 2018!

Please find more impressions and updates following this link.


We are very delighted to be able to present selected light art installations produced by Festival of Lights International GmbH, in the beautiful city center of Bucharest in 2017.


Aftermovie: Spotlight Festival 2016

In 2016, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is the international festival partner of the Spotlight – Bucharest International Light Festival.

From 5th till 8th May, the second edition of the Spotlight – Bucharest International Light Festival took place. Interactive installations, light and sound shows, video mappings and colorful projections of Romanian and international artists illuminated the City of Bucharest.

Light Carpet IRIS, by TUE in Kooperation mit Pronorm 

This extraordinary carpet plays with the perception of the pedestrians. As people walk over it, the colours of the light will change and by this, the patterns seem to come alive. A magical experience for eyes and mind.

Penguin Army by Chillout Lichtdesign, co-produced by Festival of Lights International GmbH

An army of penguins, illuminating the centre of Bucharest. Sounds strange? Just go to the Kretzulescu Park and see for yourself! And when you’re there, look out for two very special young penguins and listen what Fynn and Dana have to say.

Angels of Freedom by OGE Creative Group

After the great success in Berlin, we’re now sending the “Angels of Freedom” to the Spotlight Festival Bucharest. Five glory shining angels invite the visitors to become part of the installation.

Among the different wing shapes, colors and sizes every visitor will find his or her special pair. The pictures, taken alone or with friends, are a great souvenir from the Spotlight Festival.