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FÜRST 2020

Berlin is a city that is constantly changing and reinventing itself. New projects are often presented to Berliners and their guests in a visually stunning way at the Festival of Lights. Such a project can be admired again at this festival. On Kurfürstendamm, Berlin’s promenade, the FÜRST project is creating a completely new square in an old location. The creative team from the festival makes the transformation from the former Kudamm-Karree to the FÜRST visible and tangible in an artistic way. The hidden and winding Kudamm-Karree becomes a public space and a new center for work, entertainment and shopping.

The new becomes visible behind the former

At the center of an elaborate 3D video mapping is the previously hidden 102 meters high-rise building in the area. The new architectural image, which was designed by the internationally renowned architects Kleihues und Kleihues, is created on the old facade. The guests of the Festival of Lights can experience in advance what will happen here soon. But the projection shows a lot more. After an excursion into the history of Ku’Damm, the new FÜRST opens up to the viewer. You will be drawn into a new, spacious public town square with a high quality of stay. The dynamic of the city becomes noticeable and at the same time a new place for relaxation and retreat can be discovered. The video mapping shows the new offers for work, fitness and entertainment. For example the new theater, which bridges the gap between the earlier traditional stages and the redesign of the inner-city square. A new, widely visible and inviting foyer is being created for the new comedy on Kurfürstendamm.