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Traditionally, the Festival of Lights, together with its presenting partner “The Climate Pledge”, held a competition to award prizes to the best video artists. This year it was the Future Vision Award, for which seven European videomapping artists or artist teams were nominated in advance. In addition to the TV Tower, the competition was also held at Charlottenburg Palace and the Hotel de Rome.

The Berlin TV Tower, the tallest building in Germany, shone entirely in the light of the future and technology. Because together we are strong, but even stronger with the technology we create. The three international artist teams Les Ateliers Nomad, Clockwork and George Berlin showed their video mappings on the topics of science, sustainability and climate protection.

For the staging con:trust, the Berlin design team Studio Eigengrau and Soundselektor dealed with the ambivalence between man, environment & technology, as well as the use of fossil and renewable energies. The technological achievements of our civilization are often in contrast to the findings of science. con:trust showed that the world as we know it is not only black and white, but consists of facets and nuances. In the end, there is the realization that the present has no future if we do not learn from the past.

George Berlin said of his production Evolve Love, “It’s a story about nature being overwhelmed and almost absorbed by technology and modern life. But ultimately she not only overcomes it, she merges with technology to shape the future in new ways.” For his clients around the world, he weaves light, color, images and sound into an animated tapestry that brings any location to life. Chicago-based George Berlin creates “music for the eyes” with artfully crafted immersive experiences that charm, attract and delight with inspired narratives and a strong pull for playful fun. George’s immersive spectacles weave light, color, images and sound into an animated tapestry that brings the room to life.
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Les Ateliers Nomand from Romania has reinterpreted the symbolic and, in their simplicity, extraordinary masterpieces of the sculptor Constantin Brâncuși in a colorful and lively way. Among them well-known sculptures such as the “Bird in Space”, the “Endless Column” and the “Table of Silence”. The modern elements embedded themselves harmoniously in natural elements and plants, in movement and rhythm. They solve the problems of today and tomorrow through simplified algorithms. Brâncuși in Space is a fantastic journey through a universe that is strong and at the same time in need of protection.