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Churches & Castles

Selected photos and videos from previous years:

Various art motifs of the artist team RE:SORB from Berlin transform the beautiful baroque castle Köpenick with its art and craft treasures into a special destination. The 3D mapping lets the castle facade transform, stones break out and reinsert themselves, a unique, three-minute show in a class of its own.

The Berlin official residence of the Federal President was represented at the Festival of Lights in 2017. For the first time, video mappings were projected onto the front facade of Bellevue Palace. The Federal President offered a special award of 2000 euros on the theme of democracy. Video mapping artists from all over the world were called upon to translate their ideas and visions of democracy into images and sounds. What ideas the applicants had and how they realised them was a surprise for the visitors of the festival. The projection was opened by Federal President Steinmeier on 6 October 2017 at 9 pm. Afterwards, the video mappings could be seen every evening until 8 October 2017. Visitors could vote for their personal favourite. Here is the intro mapping for the competition.

For the first time, the official residence of the German President in Berlin was represented at the 13th Festival of Lights and what building would be better suited for a mapping competition on the theme of “Democracy” than Bellevue Palace. Here is the intro mapping for the competition.

Fotocredit: Frank Herrmann, Nelofee, Christian Kruppa, Enrico Verworner, Felix Zahn, Oliver Brenneisen, Christian Kremer, Andreas Siebert