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Not far from Potsdamer Platz is Haus Huth, where artist Gabriel Valecillo took visitors on a three-dimensional journey through the beauty and diversity of Honduras.

This campaign was sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Honduras in Berlin.

Title: Honduras, through the heart of our people!

It was a journey through a country with ancient secrets, indigenous cultures and impressive natural beauty. An invitation to experience the tropical forests where ancient cities and cultures lie and dive into the waters of the beautiful beaches of Honduras. Spectators could marvel at traditional handicrafts and listen to the drums and music that moved the colours of the folk dancers’ dresses. The videomapping at Potsdamer Platz shone with colours, joy, rhythm and a strong love of nature.

Honduras – an unforgettable journey!

3D Sculptured head, Copán. Alexander Tokovinine, 

Photographic archive: Leonel Estrada