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Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

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Water changes everything

A life without clean water is hard for us to imagine. But for millions of people, drinking from dirty streams or puddles lurking in parasites and diseases such as cholera or typhoid is part of their daily lives. Every tenth person in the world has no access to clean water. 2,195 children die every day from diarrhoea – more than from AIDS, malaria and measles combined.

Out of need becomes perspective

During the Festival of Lights, “Help – Help for Self-Help” sheds light on this important topic. The charity is committed to promoting water and hygiene in many countries. Among other things, Help drills wells, erects latrines and clarifies hygiene rules. Women and children in particular benefit from the aid. Access to clean water has been more important than ever since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. Every euro that goes into water and sanitary facilities has more than four times the impact on the health system. Together we can help – Donate now!


About Help

Help – Help for self-help e. V. is an international aid organisation based in Bonn. Since its founding in 1981, Help has been working for people who have come into need as a result of disasters, persecution or other reasons, regardless of their origin, gender or belief. According to the principle of “help for self-help”, Help meets the affected people on an equal footing and helps them to get back on their own feet and prepare for future crises. The organisation is currently active in 20 countries, including Syria, Burkina Faso, Yemen and Albania.

Help has been awarded the Donation Certificate of the German Donation Council and the Donation Seal of the German Central Institute for Social Affairs for its effective and transparent handling of donations.

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