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Hotel de Rome: 3D Video Mapping

„The Freedom of Art – Between Dream and Reality“

This Festival of Lights brought the Berliners and their guests a special video experience. The motto for the mapping at the Hotel de Rome this year in 2018 was “The Freedom of Art – Between Dream and Reality”.

The visions were provided by two renowned video artists, the British Ross Ashton, whose artful light and sound installations have already been seen around the world, and the Polish artist Pani Pawlosky.

Ross Ashton: „The Garden of the Eternal Spring“


For the first time Ross Ashton brought his work “The Garden of the Eternal Spring” to Berlin. Enriched with numerous 3D effects, the images were inspired by original Roman frescoes and mosaics from Pompeii and Herculaneum.

The sound collage by Karen Monid was composed of sounds recorded in various places in the ruins of Pompeii. The artist visited the excavated city villas and their surroundings to capture the exceptional atmosphere. The birdsong, for example, comes from the garden of the house of Octavius ​​Quartius, which supposedly had the largest garden of Pompeii. The mystical texts featured stem from the Latin novel “The Golden Donkey” by Lucius Apuleius, which is part of world literature.

Pani Pawlowsky between wakefulness and sleep

Pani Pawlosky presented her surreal mapping between wakefulness and sleep. The work of the Szczecin artist shows a combination of dreamy unreal visions.

These images carry a sense of mystery, sometimes even fear; that makes the heart flutter. Sometimes beautiful dream images that fill the heart with love.