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Tenor of the video mapping on the Hotel de Rome was the story of a damaged world that heals itself. The architecture of the building was taken up for staging and given nature as a canvas. It was about drawing blueprints – templates and visions – that showed a beautiful world with technologies, flora and fauna without harmful greenhouse gases.
It was about making this relevance clear to the viewers. So there is a forest to see that heals itself. A frozen world that thaws out and allows water to flow. Or oceans that are full of healthy life. The surrounding buildings were integrated into the production, supporting the story with wonderful motifs from the plant and animal world.
The three-minute video show was presented by the main sponsor of the Festival of Lights – The Climate Pledge. It ended with the initiative’s call to businesses around the world: #ChallengeAccepted. This means recognizing one’s responsibility and joining the goal to be CO2 neutral by 2040.
In another mapping, artists Ross Ashton & Karen Monid addressed the so-called “butterfly effect” on the occasion of the “Future Vision Award”. This states that even small actions can have a very big impact.