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Concrete, baroque and goose bumps.

Atmospheric sounds and a fantastic journey in the Schlüterhof of the Humboldt Forum

“Everything is interaction,” Alexander von Humboldt wrote in his diaries of the American Journey in August 1803. With this, the Berlin naturalist, world traveler and later patron saint of the Humboldt Forum had found a kind of world formula, which was later also quoted as “Everything is connected with everything”. When “Sucuk & Bratwurst” were asked by the Humboldt Forum to produce a film essay on topics and images of their choice, the young Berlin artist collective set this quote as the starting point for an imaginative journey into the macro- and microcosm. At the beginning, the imaginary camera circles around a blazing volcano in a desert landscape – it could be Chimborazo, which Humboldt was the first to almost completely climb. A blink of an eye later, it creeps through the damp undergrowth of what is probably a tropical forest, where iridescent mushrooms sprout and an equally iridescent butterfly stages itself before the viewer’s eyes. In the seven-minute projection, supported by atmospheric sounds, the artists exhausted everything that hyperrealistic computer animation is capable of today.

The installation has premiered at the Festival of Lights 2021 on the 70-meter-wide façade of the west wing in the baroque Schlüterhof. From mid-September, two more video essays by Zarah Zandieh and Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese has been added to the Art Week. All three films has then been shown in a one-hour loop and under the collective title “Perspective Change” until the end of October – free of charge and outside, of course.

Sucuk and Bratwurst – that’s Alessandro Belliero, David Gönner, Denis Olgac and Lukas Olgac, in 2014 they founded their art and creative studio. Their work focuses on images created with 3D computer graphics that challenge the relationship between reality and fantasy. Their clients include Adidas, Nike, Rimowa, Moncler, Lena Meyer-Landrut, Post Malone and Dua Lipa. Her exhibition contributions for Ruttkowski68 and KÖNIG GALERIE also attracted attention.

With the long-awaited opening on July 20 this year, the Humboldt Forum is a very special place for culture and science, for exchange, diversity and multiplicity. For the Humboldt Forum is more than just a museum. In addition to the outstanding collections and exhibitions, a changing range of events and educational programs will encourage visitors to gain new insights into yesterday, today and tomorrow.