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Station 1: Berlin TV tower – „Message from the Universe“

The TV-Tower will be transformed into a gigantic aerial which receives signals of the spaceship USS Shenzhou of the intergalactic star fleet. Spectacular animations will take along the spectators on a flight across strange universes. Netflix made this unique signal from the endless expanses of the universe possible, as homage to the series, starting exclusively on 25th September on the international streaming platform.

Presenter: Netflix

Station 1: Berlin TV tower – „We beam you up”

Fernsehturm - "Beam me up" - 2017

Visitors have the opportunity to get „beamed up“ onto the TV-Tower. Anyone who would like to make use of this action, would just have to go to our partner „3D YourBody“ to get scanned accordingly and if by magic, you will appear on the TV-Tower.

Costs: per scan 15 Euro (to be paid at “3D YourBody”)


Station 2: Marienkirche

Marienkirche festival of lights

The beautiful “Marienkirche”, located in the heart of Berlin, will also be presented as Festival location for the very first time.

We are proud for having the opportunity to honor this unique church and cultural highlight in Berlin accordingly.

Station 3: Altes Stadthaus – “A dream of flowers”

altes stadthaus - dream of flowers - berlin festival of lights

According to the motto: „Dream of Flowers“ we transform this year the “Altes Stadthaus” into a 3D palace of flowers. The stone facade will be shaped into floral patterns which brings the building to life. The fashion brand Triumph attracts millions of women worldwide and is making this spectacular 3D-Mapping possible. Oscar award winner Julianne Moore will open the 3D mapping show on October 5th. She adores the elegant and beautiful projection as well the models of the collection Florale.

Presenter:  „TRIUMPH Lingerie“

Station 4: Nikolaikirche – „Marketplace of Culture“

You can experience a visual journey at: „Marcetplace of Culture. From the cradle of Berlin to 17 partner cities of the capital“, like a journey around the world. The oldest church of Berlin, the Nikolaichurch, transforms by means of a video mapping into a showroom of world cultures. Iconographical motifs from Europe, Asia, America and the eastern hemisphere will arouse your interest for foreign worlds and cultures.

Presenter: WBM

Station 5: Marstallgebäude – „House of Nature“

The Marstall turns into a “House of nature”: to examine different projects, National Geographic let light up the historic Marstall with the slogan „FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE – LET US GO FURTHER”. The installation of National Geographic shows various natural habitats, which are worth protecting. Through a unique video show, visitors can e.g. fly with the bald eagle through mountains, watch elephants stroll through the savannah and see penguins in the antarctica.

Presenter: National Geographic

Station 6: Bodemuseum – “House of Art”

13 years ago was the last time the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) was guesting in Berlin. The public success will be reanimated this year at the facade of Bode Museum. This time pictures of paintings from the museum in New York will be projected onto the facade of the Bode Museum. The attraction will be presented by the newly established association “Friends of Berlin International e.V.”. The association aims to support unique events and activities in Berlin which invites international artists and also promotes artists from the German capital abroad.

Presenter: Friends of Berlin International e.V.

Station 7: Nikon Pop Up Store – “Test & Try”

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Nikon our visitors will have the possibility to test Nikon products free of charge. You can also test the new Nikon D850! We will offer interesting “photo-walks” under the motto “portrait photography” and “autofocus and speed” with professional Nikon coaches who share their experience and answer to all your questions.

Station 8: Berlin Cathedral – “World Championship of Projection Mapping”

According to the festival theme „Creating Tomorrow“, national and international artists have transformed their visions of the future into a 3D-Videomapping. 11 artists from 5 nations will show a stunning 3D video show on the Berlin Cathedral, which will be shown from 6th – 15th October 2017, daily 7:00 pm until midnight. The international Festival of Lights championship in projection mapping goes into the third round. After the Brandenburger Tor and the TV-Tower, the Berlin Cathedral will be the venue of this important international competition. An unprecedented show will be presented. Festival visitors can be excited to watch 25 minutes of international creativity build around the topic of „future“. Each single story is spectacular, entertaining as well as surprising and all of them always have their unique core. The winner will be determined by the audience via online voting. Congratulations to the winner SEMBILAN MATAHARI and the winner of the  Jury award ZHEE SHEE!

Presenter: E.ON

Station 9: Palais am Festungsgraben – “House of Design”

This year the Palais am Festungsgraben will become an art- and design showcase. Famous international designer will be presented but as well unknown Berlin artists, for example Aribert Gross. During the festival opening, some of his images from his personal estate in the gallery Barbiche – Potsdamer Str. 151 / Schöneberg will be shown for the very first time. It`s truly an honor to present such an insider tip. Barbara Becker and lala Berlin will enrich the „House of Design“ as well. The two famous designer are presenting colorful motifs on the historical building.

Presenter: FOL

Station 10: Die Humboldt-Universität – “A kid’s dream”

Within the framework of this year’s FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS we can expect a magical children’s story on the facade of the Humboldt-Universität. The occasion is that McDonald’s Germany already supports the McDonald’s Kinderhilfe Stiftung since 30 years. McDonald’s would like to say „thank you“ and invites to a 3D-Mapping in order to see the world for a moment through children’s eyes. In between the mapping shows, the winning motifs of a children‘s drawing competition on the topic „How do you image the future?“ will be presented.

Presenter:  McDonald‘s

Station 11-14: Bebelplatz => 360° Inszenierung des gesamten Areals

The entire Bebelplatz shines brightly according to the motto „Opera e Luce“: For the very first time, the projection on the Hotel de Rome will be expanded onto the facade of the Bankhaus Löbbecke. In addition to that, we are delighted to welcome the St. Hedwigs Kathedrale with a colourful projection. Likewise, the historical building of the Juristische Fakultät will receive a projection, corresponding to the Staatsoper staging. This will definitely illuminate the entire Bebelplatz into a breathtaking panorama.

Station 16: Europäisches Haus – “Erlebnis Europa”

The “Europäisches Haus” and its exhibition “Experience Europa” is located directly at Pariser Platz, opposite of Hotel Adlon. The Festival of Lights artist team created a video show which contains the 28 flags of the EU member states. This projection onto the facade of the “Europäische Haus” draws the attention of the visitors to what is happening inside: the exhibition opens from 10 am to 10 pm and on the weekends as well as on Friday even until midnight, especially for the festival.

Station 17: Botschaft der USA – „70 Jahre Marshall Plan“

The embassy participates already for the eighth time in the Festival of Lights and is a well-established destination between Potsdamer Platz and Brandenburg Gate. This year the motif should remind of a special jubilee for Europe and transforms the topic “70 Jahre Marshall Plan” in an artistically way.

Station 18: Botschaft der Republik Singapur

Singapur Botschaft - Festival of Lights

As a very special premiere, there will be a light art contest organized, projected onto the facade of the embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Berlin and aimed especially for young artists. In cooperation with the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, artists from all over the world were called to submit their interpretations according to the theme “multiculturalism”. The projections motifs of the 10 finalists will be presented during the entire Festival period and all visitors will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite design. Congratulations to the winner: Tatjana Danilov!

Station 19: Bundesfinanzministerium

Bundesfinanzministerium - Festival of Lights

The “Detlev-Rohwedder-Haus” in Wilhelmstraße/Ecke Leipziger Straße has an alternating history. Today the supreme federal authority is located in Berlin-Mitte: The Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF). The projections on the facade of the BMF are addressed to three of the most important jubilees on the way to the successful union: 60 years of the Treaties of Rome, 25 years of the Maastricht Treaty and 15 years of the Euro. The projection will show, amongst others, the alternative European flag designed by Rem Koolhaas, which conflates the national flags of the EU member states to a colorful unity in an artistically way.

Presenter: Bundesfinanzministerium

Station 20: Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz - Festival of Lights

Oversized, glowing white rabbits from Australian artist Amanda Parer, which are embedded in a flower meadow floor projection, impress with their spectacular appearance. As rabbits are threatening local animal species in Australia they have become a symbol for humanity which influences the ecological balance incautiously and leave an even greater environmental footprint.

Presenter: Potsdamer Platz

Station 21: Haus Huth – “160 Jahre Tesla”

Right next to the Potsdamer Platz, on the rear side of Haus Huth, a video mapping has been dedicated to the world-famous inventor Nikola Tesla, who would have reached last year the age of 160 years. In the fifteen minutes 4D projection „Tesla’s Time Machine“ the genius inventor relates to his own life. The video mapping, created by the Serbian video artist Dusan Jovovic, has been honored with numerous awards. After touring through seven balkan cities he is now guesting in Berlin. The video mapping was specially customized for the participation of Haus Huth in the festival and will be shown from 13. – 15. October.

Presenter: Telekom Srbija

Station 22: Schloss Bellevue – “Sonderaward Demokratie”

As a very special premiere, video mappings will be projected onto the facade of Bellevue Palace, the residency of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany. Video mapping artists from all over the world were called to convert their ideas and visions of democracy in pictures and sounds. The way how the competing artists transferred their ideas, will be a surprise for the Festival visitors. On the 6th of October at 9:00 pm, Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier himself will press the start button for the projection mapping show. After the opening, the video mappings can be seen until the 8th of October 2017 every evening in a loop every 15 minutes. Of course, you have also the opportunity at this special award to select your personal favorite and to help one`s contribution to victory by online-voting.

Presenter: Bundespräsidialamt

Station 23-25: Spreebogen

On two evenings of the festival, the Spreebogen in Berlin Moabit became a new member of our “Festival of Lights goes local family”. A great video-mapping in the inner courtyard of the Spreebogen will remind of the extraordinary deeds and the people of “Straße der Erinnerung”. In addition the busts of the 10 heroines and heroes are telling true stories and anecdotes about their life in an audio and light installation. A light market with culinary delicacies, organ grinders and “Bimmel-Bolle” reminds of the past of the area „Bolle Meierei“.

Presenter: Der Spreebogen

Station 26: Askania

Open night at one of the oldest watch manufacturers in Berlin accompanied with a live video projection.

Presenter: Askania

Station 27: Mendelstraße

A building site will be artfully illuminated.

Station 28: Museum Lichtenberg

Museum Lichtenberg will be dressed in vibrant glowing art and is going to be the star of the area.

Titel: FOL on Tour

Presenter: Museum Lichtenberg

Station 29: Rausch Schokoladenhaus

The projection on the well established building near Gendarmenmarkt signals that something special is happening this evening: the doors of the chocolate factory are open until 10 pm. You can immerse into the world of this traditional brand and warm yourself up with a cup of delicious hot chocolate on a stopover.

Presenter: Rausch Schokoladenhaus

Station 30: ZDF

Weather presenter Benjamin Stöwe and his morning magazin collegues are welcoming you in the ZDF scenery and are going to answer questions and sign autographs. Information about the ZDF-Hauptstadtstudio will be available in the Atrium. You can take again pictures with the popular ZDF-Mainzelmännchen as well.

Presenter: ZDF

Station 31: Galerie Kunstwerkberlin

The projection, which will be thematically linked to the installations, guides the visitors to Mátyás Vargas´s controversal exibition where he makes environmental artistically tangible.

Presenter: Galerie Kunstwerkberlin

Station 32: Little Big City

Take a look from the bird‘s eye perspective on the festival. Little Big City recreated some projections of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. Small and big stories about the more than 700 years old history of Berlin city are told, supported by impressive 3D models and fascinating special effects. During the Festival the tiny versions of “Haus Vaterland” in the golden 20th, “Marienkirche” and “Gedächtniskirche” are illuminated. The projections can be admired during daytime.

Station 33: Light Path

Light-Path - Festival of Lights

An interactive walkway, developed using energy-harvesting Pavegen tech and shot by the brand new Google Pixel 2 phone. Every step on the Pavegen floor will illuminate a color sequence in a matrix on the walls. These moments will be captured via Google Pixel 2.

Presenter: Pavegen / Google Pixel 2

Station 34: RBB Gebäude

RBB Gebäude - Festival of Lights

An innovative videoprojection fascinates on the facade of the building at the Theodor-Heuss-Platz. On 7th of October you will have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenery within the “night of open doors“ at the rbb.

Presenter: RBB

Station 35: Funkturm

Funkturm - Festival of Lights

The Berlin Funkturm always says welcome and goodbye to all Berlin travellers and decorates the western border of Berlin.

Presenter: Funkturm

Station 36-41: Märkisches Viertel

36)      Postbrücke „Creating Tomorrow“

Presenter: Gesobau

37)      Gesobau Headquarters

Projektion/ Collage  „Faces“

38)      Dia painting

Dias drawn by visitors will be projected on facades

39)       Penguin armee

Colorful glowing penguins tell short stories.

40)      White Guardians of Time


41)      Tree illumination