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Passers-by become art – interactive illusions on a facade

Chris Noelle and Gerrald van der Kolk of the Festival of Lights artists’ collective called their interactive installation on the shop windows of the Illmuseum “U Morph” – “You Transform”. The almost seven-meter-long installation allowed passers-by to merge with the projection. Using live tracking, their movements could be recorded in a predefined action area in front of the shop window and provided with spatial depth as a 3D figure.

As soon as a passer-by entered the marked action area in front of the window, he was recognized as a 3D object and integrated into the projection as an interactive 3D silhouette. This created the illusion that passers-by wanted to emerge directly from the two-dimensional projection. The impression was created as if the people were trapped in the projection and tried to escape. The projection itself consisted of changing patterns that are based on the experimental tradition of the Bauhaus and Constructivism.

The strollers in the Festival of Lights experienced an art performance in which they themselves played a role and became part of the action. Such an optical illusion, as was created on the window front of the museum, can otherwise only be experienced inside the building.