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International Starguest: Wolfgang Joop

Very special Guests:

Otto Waalkes

Udo Lindenberg

Artists for the Festival of Lights

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS lives from its artists. Whether street artist, graphic designer, photographer or editor, every kind of art is welcome and appreciated here. With this in mind, we would like to thank our creative team and look forward to admiring their work soon.


Daniel Margraf

Daniel Bandke / (E)Motion Videomapping

Philippe Morvan

Thierry Noir

Susan Gurnee

Heinz J. Kuzdas

Sven Hoffmann

Malte Kebbel

Akte One


Tape that

Gabriel Vallecillo Marquez

Green Screen

Ross Ashton


Groupe Laps


Jörn Hanitzsch

Alexander Reichstein

Nick Azidis

Clemens Rothbauer

Erik Tannhäuser

Joab Nist

Archan Nair


Chris Bekker

Special thanks go to our photo and video team, who will also be present at all illuminations and installations this year to document them. We would like to thank them in advance for the wonderful pictures and videos, which we will publish on our website.

Thanks to:

  • Frank Herrmann
  • Eugen Lebedew / Million Motions Videoproduktion Berlin
  • Jan Hübel
  • Florian Ullbrich
  • Pedro Becerra
  • Ivonne Hebenstreit


Furthermore, we would like to thank all the other diligent helpers and creative minds who helped us with all kinds of tasks from trailer editing to the design of the homepage and our print media.

Thanks to:

  • I like Visuals
  • Thomas Haase
  • Merlin Noack
  • Layla de Mue

“Free your Energy!” presented by E.ON

E.ON and the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS have planned something extraordinary for the 15th festival birthday. Streetart is the focus of the production and “Free your Energy!” is the name of the tagline. 14 streetart artists from the 14 European countries where E.ON is on the market spray shrill, colourful graffiti for the festival on large screens. All that counts is passion and creativity! The pictures are digitized and then shown in a unique show at the Hotel de Rome on Bebelplatz. If you also want to admire the 14 originals, no problem! They will be exhibited during the event in the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS gallery. The gallery is open until midnight and admission is free.

The following artists take part in the Challenge:

MadC (Germany), DZIA (Belgium), OKO (Croatia), ChemiS (Czech Republic), Fat Heat (Hungary), Peeta (Italy), JanIsDeMan (Netherlands), M-City (Poland), Obie Platon (Romania), DokeTV (Slovakia), Azram (Slovenia), HUGE Art (Sweden), Mr. Hure (Turkey), Osch (Great Britain)

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World Championship of Projection Mapping

For the 5th time the World Championship of Projection Mapping takes place. The six finalists will present their interpretations of the theme “Lights of Freedom” on the television tower. They will be part of it:

Artec (Pakistan), Captain Energy (Netherlands), Clockwork s.c. (Poland), Andreas Hauslaib (Germany), Pani Pawlosky (Poland), Sila Sveta (Russia)

You can find current information about the artists, the championship and the voting here!

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