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We show you attractions and highlights of the Festival of Lights in a vehicle, which already Werner von Siemens dreamed of in 1848. In an electronic carriage, like during the period when Berlin was called “Electropolis”, we drive you to the magical places. Our chauffeurs will show you the work of art and drive you safely through the city! Our private Lightseeing-Tours guide you to the most beautiful places of the city center. What is special about the electronic carriage? – In the dark it turns into a work of art itsself.

Dates: 05. – 14. October
Daily from 7 pm untill 12 pm (last round at 11 pm)
Start: Pariser Platz or by appointment
Prices: 110 €/ hour (up to 4 pers.) | 165€/ hour (up to 7 pers.)
Booking: Onlinebuchung
Information: www.cardelou.com
Note: Our tours are private tours. The prices are for the carriages. Our carriages have space for 6 persons, have a top if it rains and heated seats if it is cold, additional to warm blankets.