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LightKieze (diff. Tours)


11.-20. September 2020


1) Berlin Wall Tour with city guide Rolf Gänsrich
During the Berlin Wall Tour "Mauersprünge" the city guide Rolf Gänsrich takes you along the former post road of Bernauer Straße, past the North Railway Station to the Hamburger Bahnhof. The illuminations at the Natural History Museum, at the federal ministries and at the sinking wall are part of the tour.
Dates: 13. 9. , 14. 9. , 16. 9. - each 8 p. m.
Start: Schwedter Str. / Oderberger Str. in front of the organic market - Goal: Hamburger Bahnhof
Duration approx. two hours
Price per person: at least 5 €, as a donation more
Booking: Phone: 0157 53 69 93 36 or e-mail: r. gaensrich@gmx. de
Website: www. rolfgaensrich. wordpress. com
The tour is not necessary in case of continuous rain or heavy thunderstorms! Have a look at the website in the short term.

2) Charlottenburg district at Savignyplatz with city guide Volker Elingshausen
Through the Charlottenburg district, the city guide Volker Elingshausen takes you on his tour every evening. Charlottenburg, since 1920 part of Greater Berlin will present surprising things on this tour. The Tattersall of the West, gas lanterns, street pumps, “pork bellies” and hidden back yards revive the past, but also famous artists, the Jewish and Russian Charlottenburg is remembered on this tour.
Start: 20. 00 o’clock in front of the hotel “H’Otello” in the south of Savignyplatz
Destination: Savignyplatz
Duration: approx. 90 min. Price per person: 10,00€
Registration: www. charlottenrad. de
Mail: kontakt@charlottenrad. de

3) Offer district tour through Frohnau with LightWalkerin Katrin Pollok
The LightWalkerin Katrin Pollok will take you on a special tour to the Festival of lights, through her home district of Frohnau, on the evening mentioned below. Past country houses, jewelry squares and beautiful streets, some curious stories and a special surprise await you at the Festival of lights.
Date: 13. 09. 2020
Start: 19. 30 am Donnersmarckplatz, 13 465 Berlin
Price per person: 10,00€
No registration required
Duration: approx. 1. 5 hours

4) The city guide Martina Hahn offers “A tour of Alt-Charlottenburg”
In this grown residential area you can discover testimonies of the more than 300-year history of Charlottenburg. What once began as a summer residence developed over time into the richest city in Prussia. Around Charlottenburg Castle you will pass streets and squares with listed buildings, where you can see the development of this unique neighborhood. The illuminations at the castle and at the museums opposite (Berggruen and Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg) are included in the guided tour. The tour takes place 2 times a day between the 11th -20. September, except on 18. 09. 2020.
1. Tour
Start: City Hall Charlottenburg
End: Charlottenburg Castle
2. Tour
Time: 20:45 – 22:45
Start: Charlottenburg Castle at the monument of the Great Elector
End: City Hall Charlottenburg
Price p. P. : 12,00€ l Children under 12 years: free of charge l 12-18 years: 8,00€
Registration required: 0179 9 240 986
or e-mail: hahnberlinguide@web. de
The group size is 20 people. If there should be more, the group is shared and there comes a second guide.

5) The city guide Tobi Allers from “Berlin Kultour”
The city guide Tobi Allers from “Berlin Kultour” offers an interesting walk around the Hackeschen Markt. This is about the lively art and cultural scene in this trendy part of Berlin. The evening illuminations at the Hackescher Markt and the Bodemuseum are presented during the guided tour. Price: per person 15€
Deadline: 11. 09-18. 09. every night
Meeting: 8. 00 pm, Auguststrasse, corner Tucholskystrasse
End: approx. 10 p. m.
Registration and information at Tel. : 015 771 762 110
Mail: tobi@berlinkultour. de
Web: https://berlinkultour. de/jetzt-buchen

6) Kiez tour through the old town of Köpenick with Rolf Strobel
Your city guide for Berlin history, Rolf Strobel, will take you on his varied district tour through the old town of Köpenick. Starting from the castle island with its baroque castle, we go to the Fischerkiez, beautiful half-timbered houses in a small artists' colony, the most beautiful beer garden in Berlin up to the town hall and the true story of the captain of Köpenick. The town hall Köpenick offers a wonderful backdrop for the evening illumination at the Festival of lights and the castle, located on the water, a surprise on 20. 09. 2020
Deadline: 11. 09. – 20. 09. 2020
Start: 8. 00 p. m.
Meeting point: Schlossplatz Köpenick at the life-size horse sculptures Price per person: 10,00€ Duration of the tour: approx. 2 hours registration required! Booking: Mail: strobel@erlebnis-touren-treptow. de
Mobile: 015 73 15 74 337

7) Tour in Kreuzberg with Jens Heimendahl
The city guide Jens Heimendahl from CROSS BORDER-Travels takes you on his tour in Kreuzberg. From the Engelbecken on the former Luisenstädtische Kanal, you will experience the scenic districts of Mariannenkiez, Oranienstrasse and Wrangelkiez on this tour. We admire the illuminations at the Emmaus Church on Lausitzer Platz and at the end of the tour also at the Oberbaumbrücke on the Spree. The tour also takes you past the largest Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque in Kreuzberg and Bethany, the former historical hospital on Mariannenplatz. Deadline: 11. 9. , 13. 9. , 14. 9. , 16. 9. 18. 9. Meeting: 8. 00 pm Waldemarstrasse/Leuschnerdamm
End at the Oberbaumbrücke approx. 9. 30 p. m.
Price p. P: 10 Euro, reduced 8 Euro Minimum number of participants 7
Registration: www. kiez-touren. de, by mail@kiez-touren. de or by phone at 030-6794 8818

8) Tour in Neukölln with Jens Heimendahl
The city guide Jens Heimendahl from CROSS BORDER-Travels takes you on his tour in Neukölln. On this tour we will discover the old Bohemian village, a historical gem in the middle of Neukölln, as well as Rixdorf, where you can still feel the rural atmosphere today. We stroll through the ideal passage, a hidden connection between two Neuköllner Strassen. On Karl-Marx-Strasse we visit the old and venerable Cafe Rix and the Neuköllner Opera. The highlight of this tour are the illuminations at the old district court and the town hall (on the latter only on 17 September). Deadline: 12. 9. , 15. 9. , 17. 9. Meeting: 8. 30 p. m. Richardplatz
End: Weichselstr. / Karl-Marx-Strasse approx. 10 p. m.
Price p. P: 10 Euro, reduced 8 Euro Minimum number of participants 7
Registration: www. kiez-touren. de, by mail@kiez-touren. de or by phone at 030-6794 8818

For tours in Berlin Mitte me LightWalkerin Katrin Pollok see LightWalking.

In order to make this year’s LightKieze tours a special experience for all of us, we ask you to comply with the current Corona hygiene regulations and wear a mouth-nose cover. The advance reservation of the tours and guides is urgently needed this year. Corona distance and hygiene measures are adhered to.


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