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LUNAR Festival of Lights Sofia

The pilot edition of Festival of Lights in Sofia comes under the name LUNAR,
celebrating the light and beauty in the night.

The festival will be held between the 6th and 9th of May.

The four evenings will be inspirational and unforgettable will be for the citizens and guests of the city, who will see thirteen of its most iconic buildings, squares and parks transformed by light art for the first time.

During the festival, visitors will see artworks of talented artists from Australia, Bulgaria, India, France, Spain and Sweden, who will surprise with their art and make Sofia more colorful and shining than ever. Video and static projection mappings, light installations and interactive ateliers will inspire, surprise and entertain the public.

The festival will provoke many young artists by giving them a chance to participate in a competition in which they can create their own an artwork especially for the largest façade, part of the festival – the one of the National Palace of Culture.

Moreover, the first edition of the festival in Bulgaria will contribute to the professional development of young talents in high tech audiovisual arts area through its educational program. Bulgarian and international experts will share their knowledge about creation of 3D mapping, animations, music composing through AI, programming custom software systems to build interaction between artists, environment and audience, and night photography.

The program of LUNAR Festival of Lights will be free of charge.

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Video Mapping Show

“Imagine” is an exciting story about the voices that live in each of us and predetermine our life decisions.  The story takes us on a journey between doubt and faith, on a way to a better future.

In the European Year of Youth seeking truth and realizing the personal responsibility in upholding it is of utmost importance. Establishing a reality that respects human dignity, democracy and the rule of law and which is built on equal rights and freedom of speech, is a matter of choice.

A choice that we make every day.

The celebration of Europe Day in 2022, more than ever aims to affirm the peace in the old continent as an integral value.

Artist: MP Studio

Location: National Gallery “Kvadrat 500”


Video Mapping Show

The beauty of nature and the uniqueness of plant and animal species captivates, but also carries an important message – the diversity of our planet is not eternal.

From the deep waters of the ocean, through the Savannah, to the faraway rainforests, the viewer’s gaze passes through some of the most beautiful animal species that may not exist, even before the expiration of a bank card.

The artwork aims to focus the audience’s attention on the endangered species and the importance of the little human routine that is important for their conservation. Animal species are at stake. Only together humans can support their conservation.

Artist: MP Studio

Location: National Library “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”


Static Projection

We are all made of stardust.

Millions of years later, we continue to shine in our quest to be useful to the others. And light is made up of the photons of kindness and care. Where the light lives, how it can be shared, and why we only have meaning together through – a series of artworks, created by the Bulgarian graffiti artist Jah One reveals the answers to these questions.

The visual story directs the audience’s attention to the hope for a new life, thanks to raising awareness about donation and transplantations in Bulgaria.

Artist: Jah One

Location: No.17  Moskovska Str.


Light Installation

A fairytale garden welcomes the audience and takes it to a world of transforming flowers that provoke its imagination. With their constantly changing futuristic look, the seven main elements of the artwork give a new, fantastic atmosphere to the environment in which they are positioned.

The holographic light installation inspires hope and carries the message of positive change. It draws visitors’ attention to the beauty of nature and incorporates messages about its future.

The installation is inspired by the socially responsible project “The Good Example” by bTV Media Group, which relies on the power of personal responsibility and active participation in causes and volunteer activities.

Everyone can give a good example, and with it – to help protection of the environment.

Artist: MP Studio

Location: Royal Garden


Light Installation

The atom, consisting thousands of particles, sends its message to the universe. With zero gravity, it disseminates its energy to create a dynamic whirl of images.

Particles move, convert energy, search for shapes and discover new worlds. Natural and technological are unfolding to show their symbiosis and to disperse their shining elements to the future.

Artist: MP Studio

Location: Royal Garden


Static Projection

Light artworks by six Bulgarian artists and studios, specialized in 3D mapping, show for the first time the diversity of light art and provoke the audience’s imagination. United for the first time in one place, they have the power to show their art, which transforms the night and gives a new, artistic appearance to the environment that surrounds us.

Artists:, MP-STUDIO, Petko Tanchev, Poliforma, Rozalina Burkova, Studio Phormatik

Location: National Theater „Ivan Vazov“


Light Installation

Die schwebende Lichtinstallation symbolisiert das Konzept des LUNAR-Festivals: Künstler vereinen sich und machen zeitgenössische Lichtkunst einem breiten Publikum zugänglich. Es inspiriert, sich in der Dunkelheit von fantastischer Kunst überraschen zu lassen.

Artist: MP Studio

Location: City Garden


Static Projection

The diversity of cultures, history, traditions, customs and points of view makes the world exciting and unique. This diversity meets and interweaves through the people and the moments they share together.

The building becomes a gate to various cultures, in which artists from five countries unite their art to pay tribute to some of the most special elements and symbols that inspire their lives. Their message for the power of being different is a celebration of the human curiosity and explorer’s spirit.

Artists: Nick Azidis (Australia), MP-STUDIO (Bulgaria), Knownsense Studios (India), Thierry Noir (France)

Location: Hyatt Regency Sofia, Vasil Levski Square


Light Installation

Natural shapes change under the colored rays, and the shadows gain new depth.

The senses awaken, the silhouettes provoke a seeking, and the imagination is left to run free in the magical rush of the night.

Artist: Joker Media Rental

Location: City Garden


Light Installation

Each spiral represents a timeline – it never ends and it keeps repeating itself, yet every lap is different, giving you a new perspective.

The sphere represents infinity as well, but also completeness.

Together they symbolize the ever-changing and expanding self, shining bright and glowing along this journey, which is represented by the light inside the spheres.

The spectacular spiral design of the Swedish artist Philip Jakobsson makes the large wooden sculptures become alive by night. They will transform the experience for the visitors of the traditional cultural festival Ritual Gatherings, from 30 June to 3 July, Kamchia beach, where the artist will create the main stage, using only natural materials.

Artists: Philip Jakobsson, FlipZurd

Location: Bulgaria square, between Patriarh Evtimiy Bvld. and Prof. F. Nansen Str.


Light Installation

A symbol of love, the light installation provokes the urge to shared moments and emotions. By changing the colors of its glow, the artwork evokes a palette of emotions and invites the audience itself to become part of it, by expressing itself and unleashing their imagination.

The artwork focuses on the importance of closeness between people and on the pursuit of connectivity, and thus – provokes the audience to share their message with their loved ones.

Do not forget to challenge your creativity and send your positive message by using #eMAGeHeart on social media.

Artist: MP Studio

Location: Bulgaria Square, the side of Patriarh Evtimiy Bvld.


Static Projection

The human ability to dream, create and inspire will be celebrated on the largest facade, part of the festival’s program. Bulgarian artists have the opportunity to create their artworks for the National Palace of Culture within the competition “eXperience by eMAG. Dream, create and inspire”.

The iconic building will be illuminated by the artworks of three winners who have reproduced one of the themes “eMotions”, “eXplore” and “eFuture” – dedicated to emotions, new opportunities, technology, diversity, sustainability and innovations that transform dreams into reality.

The awarded artworks combine creativity and emotions, tell stories and at the same time demonstrate the skillful handling of the authors with the facade of the National Palace of Culture, as well as with the fascinating possibilities of 3D mapping technology. The unifying light projection incorporates the main messages of the three themes to create an unforgettable experience for the viewers.

Artists: Bulgarian artists, winners in a competition, MP-STUDIO (uniting artwork)

Location: National Palace of Culture, Bulgaria square


Light Interaction | 6./7. May 2022

Through the attractive photographic technique light-painting, the team paints with light the ideas of the participants in the space. The overlay of light images and contours involves the participants in a game with the senses and the creation of individual light drawings. Anyone can get involved and see their ideas instantly, recreated in a colorful light image. The spectacular digital photographs are an expression of the joint work of the ALOS Center

Artist: ALOS Center team

Location: City Garden