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There was a real premiere this year: The famous gardens of the world became the scene of the first Magical FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Garden. Every evening from 11 to 27 October, visitors were given the chance to discover around 30 spectacular lighting installations throughout the park.

Luminous Gardens for the Festival of Lights

During the day, international garden art meets cultural and concert highlights, games, fun and relaxation in the gardens of the world. Go on a world tour, admire exotic flowers and plants from the cable car or from close up, enjoy music in the open air and relax – the gardens of the world are as varied as their visitors. With the Magical FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Garden, the gardens were the fascinating focal point even in the evening: the entire park was the setting for impressive illuminations and projections. Even from a distance, the Wolkenhain vantage point shone into the Berlin evening sky. A group of glowing penguins were waiting for the strollers right at the entrance.

The journey continued on atmospheric paths past illuminated trees into the world of nocturnal gardens. There was much to discover. For example, there were shining water lilies and boats floating on the waters of the park. Light art accompanied and told the story of the individual gardens and garden cabinets: in the Chinese Garden, images of figures from Chinese history and mythology could be admired. When the wind moved the branches and leaves, one had the feeling that the trees were alive.

Even the little guests of the Magical FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Garden could look forward to special magical moments. For the whale fish and the sharks on the playground, the festival’s creatives have brought a lake of light with them and told Erich Kästner’s story of “Konrad’s Journey to the South Seas” in a completely new way. Another highlight for young and old was the fairytale forest, where very special journeymen were guests in the evening hours.

At the start of the Magical FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Garden on 11 and 12 October, light lovers could look forward to an additional spectacle in the gardens of the world from 7.30 p.m.: the “Showlights” laser show took place in the Arena. The special scenery of the gardens of the world was impressively combined with the technical precision of the laser shows, whose special focus lay on the rousing musical accompaniment. From 13.10. there was another light laser show in the arena for the visitors to admire in the evening.