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For the first time Mastercard is represented in the Festival of Lights. With the support of the international technology company, the Victory Column will shine with an exclusive 3D video mapping. At times the entire column from its red granite base to the column drums is wrapped in the same shimmering gold as that of the crowning Victoria. Modern 3D mapping effects will soon break up the flowing dress. As if there was no longer any earthly contact, the architectural elements of the landmark float, drift apart and reconnect with the monument. A suitable setting, after all, the Mastercard motto “contactless but closer together” is more relevant than ever, especially in the context of keeping your distance in the corona pandemic.

The Goldelse on the Victory Column also sends a diverse message of greetings out into the world and confirms that we can achieve a common goal with solidarity and care. Different nations, beliefs, cultures, genders and interests meet artistically interpreted in multi-faceted color worlds on the illuminated Victory Column for happy togetherness. They say “Hello Berlin!” And also hello to all other nations. The famous Berlin landmark, which can be seen from 5 directions, offers the best stage for this. The diversity of the people becomes visible at the big star in the Tiergarten: “Hello Diversity”. The spectacular light show takes place under the umbrella of the “hallo mastercard” campaign, which supports local merchants and promotes secure contactless and mobile payments. The campaign focuses on the small, priceless moments.