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Digitization in catchy visual language

Prominently located on the corner of Unter den Linden and Charlottenstrasse is the headquarters of Microsoft Berlin, the contact for all matters relating to the opportunities and challenges of digital Germany. On the striking facade of the company building, the 3D video show “DIGITAL NATURE” has been on display, a memorable journey through the data streams of our digital age. It was about the economic and social potentials of artificial intelligence, to whose acceptance Microsoft wants to make an active contribution. And it was about sustainability, because Microsoft has already been operating CO2 neutrally since 2012 and even wants to become CO2 negative by 2030. In other words, to bind more CO2 from the atmosphere than it causes with its activities. And of course, digital transformation played a key role in the three-minute show. A data cloud emerged from the collapsing facade, which dissolved into binary structures and then symbolically transformed into zeros and ones. The final motif showed hearts beating in an 8bit pulse, the 3D effect made this image seem particularly vivid. As so often in the productions at the festival, the architecture of the building was actively included in the show, it dissolved, reassembled, transformed. A constantly changing work of art in the colors.

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