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Museum for Natural History 2020

In the 16th Festival of Lights, the National History Musuem in Invalidenstraße will be the setting for an impressive video installation. At the center of the approx. One-minute projection is the colorful biodiversity of our worldwide flora and fauna. This year many different animals populate the facade of the museum in their natural habitat. They refer to the impressive biodiversity of our nature and today’s diversity of life forms, which is shown in the museum. Representatives of the many millions of animal and plant species grow and bloom, sneak and crawl over the museum facade and give colorful macaws a stage for your air show. How biodiversity will develop on our planet in the coming decades is a topic of the lecture series “Science in the Dinosaur Hall”, which can be visited on September 18th. The video installation will be presented by the Museum für Naturkunde together with the Berliner Sparkasse.