Outer space. Infinite widths. We`re writing the year 2190.

This is a message of the USS Shenzhou, a spaceship of the Starfleet. Ten years before the legendary spaceship Enterprise, it started to breakup into Star Trek: Discovery in order to explore distant galaxies.

But even if it is light years apart: at the Festival of Lights in Berlin it will initiate contact with the visitors of the Alexanderplatz.

Therefore, the TV Tower will become a gigantic aerial and receives a signal of the spaceship, consisting of spectacular animations, which visitors take along on their flight across strange universes. There, they will meet Klingons, get to know the crew and discover the technologies of the USS Shenzhou.

An audiovisual highlight full of action-packed surprises and absolutely an obligatory date for all Festival of Lights visitors. Bes astonished for a long time and in peace!

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