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Otto Walkes 2017

Otto Waalkes is not only an exceptional talent as a comedian and actor. He is also a painter. He studied art and his famous Ottifanten have already become part of (art) history. His paintings are cult. Not only the Ottifanten – also his countless other works of art.  It is worthwhile browsing through his gallery.

The Festival of Lights is pleased to present the painting “One Morning in Berlin” in the “House of Art” on the Bodemuseum. There is a special print of this great picture.

The Brandenburg Gate was once one of the many city gates of Berlin and is considered a symbol of German unity. In Otto’s work, the quadriga pulling the chariot of Victoria, the goddess of victory, is replaced by peace-loving Ottifants. Above them hovers Otto’s pacifist winged cap. The message is clear: a little peace on earth and goodwill to men.
So far, however, only one person has come to admire the work: Otto Waalkes.

The high-quality, hand-signed pigment print on canvas as a limited edition of 199 pieces is available for purchase.

Otto’s work can be found here!