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Photo competition 2018

2017: 2. Platz Torsten Thiele
2017: 4. Platz Tom Gorski

You like to do photographs and are looking for a spectacular motif? A big amount of building stagings you will find only during Festival of Lights. All of these stagings are the basis of a perfect photo. When it is getting dark from 5th of October and world famous buildings and landmarks are shining during the blue hour than it is time for a trip with the camera.

Berlin becomes world biggest Open Air Gallery of the world!

This year the photo contest will take place from 5th until 31st of October. More than 60 facades will shine with more than 150 pictures and shows. This has never been before! 66 artists from 25 years are part of it and present phenomenal light installations and projections. The 14th Festival of Lights is transforming Berlin into a shiny light metropolis again. Many buildings and places from the capital for example the Brandenburg Gate, the TV tower or the Bebelplatz are illuminated. It doesn’t matter if photography is only a hobby or if you are a Pro – we are happy to have as many participants as possible for this contest..







Every year the Festival of Lights is looking for the most atmospheric and expressive shots of the festival. The photos which are send in will be seen by a team of judges of the Festival. In addition, all photos will be stored in our archives and will be pushed through our worldwide media platform, always using photo credits. The ones who are able to catch the perfect photo have chances to win amazing prices.

Participating is worth it!

The main prize is something very special, a luxury TV unit of the “Ambilight” division of our partner Philips TV. With this Philips patented technology, a soft glow is projected from the back of the TV onto the wall behind the unit. The color of the light changes automatically and dynamically to match the TV picture. In addition, Ambilight can be adapted to the color of the wall behind the device. Ambilight has many noteworthy aspects. It makes the TV screen appear larger and intensifies the viewing experience. In addition, Ambilight reduces eye fatigue when watching TV and helps reduce power consumption. The Philips Ambilight TV has a value of 2399, – Euro

The second prize is endowed with 500, – Euro and the third prize is rewarded with 300, – Euro. Places 4-10 will receive a lavalamp of the brand Mathmos, each worth about 100, – Euro.

Our Tips:

You can also easily explore by bus, Velotaxi or from the water the extraordinary cityscape. Special tours and guided tours from romantic carriage rides to the classy limousine give you an exclusive view. A helium balloon that provides a view from a height of 150 meters ensures a special view.

Terms & conditions:

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS team choose the most beautiful motifs. Special attention is paid to the quality of the recording (focus, exposure, composition, etc.) and creativity.

In addition, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

Submission of max. 3 photos per participant
Max. 5MB per file
no collages, one single image per file
no frames, graphic elements or obvious image manipulations
no text elements in the picture
Submissions until 31.10.2018 with details of the complete name, date of birth and address to fotowettbewerb@festival-of-lights.de will be considered.

The photo has to be named like this:


Here are all conditions for download.

2017: 1. Platz Stefan Lubs